Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Haunted Heist (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #3) by Angie Fox

Verity Long is back with another mystery!
Although her adventures are many and her ghost friend Frankie allows Verity to see into the "other side" and interact with other ghosts, none of that pays the bills.
So Verity is ecstatic when her bff Lauralee's uncle Reggie pays her a visit and offers her a marketing job at his bank.

Since Verity is persona non grata in Sugarland no one else will give her a job, so this really seems like a new chapter in Verity's life!

Too bad Reggie is soon murdered and Verity now finds herself among the suspects...

This had, as always, a delightful plot!
Though I guessed the killer in this one it was still a fun read.

I love how, even though there are so many (soooo many!) reasons for her relationship with Ellis to be full of drama they both just decide to be adults and roll with it. 
It's so nice to read a book without unnecessary angst!

I love how Angie Fox makes her characters, even the side characters or just characters that appear in one scene, feel fully fleshed and with their own personalities.

So, as usual, if you feel like reading a drama-free cozy mystery this is a treat!

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Monday, 15 May 2017

The Skeleton in the Closet (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #2) by Angie Fox

Another very entertaining book in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries series!

While the whole of Sugarland is busy preparing for the anual celebration of the town's glorious battle, Verity and her sister Melody find a dead body in the library. 

Trying to find the murderer with the help of her trusty gangster ghost friend Frankie and a host of other ghosts, Verity stumbles across the town's secrets which can very well change everything.

This was so much fun! 
Verity was her usual sensible self, never a tstl moment in this book!
The plot was intricate and I honestly didn't guess who the killer was, so that's nice!

Now on to the next one!

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Southern Spirits (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #1) by Angie Fox

This was such a great cozy mystery!

Verity became persona non grata when she abandoned her fiancé at the altar. Sure he was a cheating scumbag, but to the town of Sugarland he was their golden boy.

And now he was making her pay for the expenses of the wedding, forcing Verity to sell everything in her beloved grandmother's house... and trying to come up with some desperate way to get some money to keep the house itself, since her ex-fiancé is set on seeing her homeless.

Luckily she made friends with a friendly ghost: Frankie the German, a gangster. And with his help she gained access to the spirit world. 

And who should come to her for help but her ex-fiancé's older brother, who needs help getting rid of a pesky poltergeist problem in the new property he bought. 

There is so much to love about this book!
I loved how Verity had a best female friend and her sister supporting her all the way through her misery. 
I loved how Verity was always sensible in the way she acted, thinking things through and being scared witless when the time called for it. 
I loved how she was so eager to help the lady ghosts who'd been wronged by the men in their (former) lives. 
And I just loved the whole plot and mystery!

I'm so glad there's a whole series I can read after this one!

If you're looking for an entertaining, well written, and cute cozy mystery I highly recommend this book!

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

No Greater Glory by Cindy Nord

I've just re-read Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell and, racist as both the book and the author obviously are/were, you can't deny that's it's well researched and it draws you in and keeps you reading.

Now, I'm not going to compare No Greater Glory to Gone With the Wind, it'd be an unfair comparison, what with this being a romance book with no great aspirations besides entertaining the reader.

But having read Gone With The Wind I became aware of all the rules of society going on at the time. 
And the characters from No Greater Glory behave in a way that wouldn't be acceptable even during my grandmother's time, let alone during the civil war.
For instance, Reece, the enemy, invades Emaline's house, takes her food and supplies, then asks if he may call her by her first name. She, a southern widow from a great plantation, just says yes and starts calling him - a Yankee - by his first name as well. 

Not to mention that their relationship was instant lust, not exactly what one would expect from a woman whose home is being invaded by enemies...

All of that I could excuse but the book was endlessly boring. 
It rarely takes me more than one day to read a book - it took me 3 days to read this one!

It literally only picked up by the 82% mark. I honestly don't know how I made it that far...

It's not badly written or anything, it's just boring.

So, I don't know, maybe it just didn't work for me, but it'll work for other readers?
Give it a try, I guess.

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Chaos of Luck- Felicia Sevigny #2 by Catherine Cerveny


And we're back!
Felicia is now on Mars and everything seems to be going right for a change.
Sure, her new tarot shop isn't as successful as it could be, and Alexei is working too much and their relationship is stressful, but otherwise things seem good.

Until an ex-lover shows up and her luck has her feelings drawn to him, and her family from her mother's side attempts to contact her, and Alexei grows more and more distant and disturbingly possessive and controlling.

I had a hard time with this one because, as I mentioned in my review of the first book, I abhor cheating. Even if nothing happens and it's all emotional, it's still cheating. 
And the dreaded love triangle thing needs to die already!

But the thing is, what Felicia is justifies a lot of what happens, both the good and especially the bad. It's convenient and makes me mad, but the thing is, it also makes Felicia mad, and... well, I can't get mad at that.

What I love about this series is that a lot of failings that exist in other books: convenient events taking place, Felicia being so gorgeous and charming and everyone liking her, things always being resolved neatly... Cerveny wrote in a vital plot point that makes these all not only acceptable but expected and justified. 
So these books get a lot of leeway where other would fail. 

All this being said, I loved the plot (apart from the cheating, of course), I loved how Felicia is still clever, and sensible, and reacts like a normal person.
I love how whenever Alexei does the usual romance alpha controlling caveman thing Felicia shuts him down and gets truly angry. 
And I love the new characters introduced (except one, but no spoilers, except to say love triangles SUCK).

And, as with the first one, everything is resolved by the end so you can't even be mad at the things you didn't like...
Which is frustrating, but at the same time I congratulate Cerveny for always succeeding.

As with the first book, as soon as I finished reading it I rushed to pre-order it!

Honestly, I can't wait for the next one in the series!

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The Rule of Luck - Felicia Sevigny #1 by Catherine Cerveny


Finally, an urban fantasy series that I can turn to, now that I've become disenchanted with Kate Daniels!

Felicia Sevigny is a tarot reader - actually the best tarot reader.
It seems luck follows her, whether it's good or bad luck, now that's another matter...

In a future where the government controls your fertility, Felicia finds herself blacklisted from being allowed to have a child. And she'll go to whatever lengths she needs to so she can have the future she wants.

Terrorists, political plots, the russian mob, her boyfriend, meddling relatives, and Alexei Petriv all seem to mess up her plans and contribute to reveal and overarching mystery that could decide Felicia's fate.

I have to say, I LOVE Felicia. There was never one moment - not one! - when she was tstl!
All she did and thought made sense.
Do you know how rare it is to have a main character being clever and figuring out the plot AHEAD of the reader?!
I was so thankful, you have no idea...

Then we have Alexei Petriv, the usual alpha male we see in romance novels: rich, incredibly gorgeous, amazing at everything he does... and a possessive asshole who turns into a caveman where Felicia is concerned.
But the thing is, whenever he does this, Felicia acts like a normal woman aware of red-flags and wary of creepy behaviour would: she freaks out. She calls him out on his shit. She makes it clear that his behaviour is not acceptable.
And that, too, is incredibly refreshing.

It's so wonderful when - even with a heavy dose of lust at first sight - you have the male super alpha love interest try to charm the main character and she just rolls her eyes and thinks it's dumb and corny. Like... girl, I feel you!

And the plot kept me on the edge of my seat!
I honestly did not see a lot of the twists coming!

Not to say that this is a perfect story - it involves cheating (which I abhor!), and a love triangle (ugh).
But it's all resolved quite satisfactorily by the end, so that's okay.

Anyway, I loved this book so much that I've already pre-ordered the paperback!

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Where the Dead Lie (Sebastian St. Cyr #12) by C.S. Harris


I stayed up until 6:30 a.m. reading this book, so you know it's good!

This is the darkest book in the series so far. 
It was like a Criminal Minds episode in Regency England, with Sebastian trying to solve the mystery in time to prevent more children from being kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered.
It was so unbelievably tense!!!

I've read some people complaining about the disappointing conclusion, but honestly it's just setting the events for the next book, which is usual for the series, but I for one cannot wait for justice to be done, I've rarely been so upset at a book villain.

Also, there is a new character who is so sketchy and obviously evil that I'm amazed they weren't immediately accused of... wrongdoings. 

Be warned that, though not graphic, the themes in this book are extremely dark and difficult to read, so bear that in mind.

Still, I honestly cannot wait for the next one to come out!

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A Crown Of Wishes (Star Touched Queen #2) by Roshani Chokshi

                                   Arc Provided by St. Martin's Griffin through Netgalley

                                                      Release Date: March 28 th

 Warning alert: this pseudo review will be filled with an over abundance of exclamation marks.
And you know what? I don't care! :)

The Star Touched Queen, the first book in this duology, was without a doubt my favourite book of 2016!(in case you missed it, read my insane review here!),

As for 2017, can you guess what will be my favourite?!*.*
Oh yes, author Roshani Chokshi definitely has done it again!
I am in awe of her writing, her characters, basically with the whole richness of the mythology that she gives to us!

Reading her stories is like open a chest full of treasures. Yes, there may be the occasional snake to spice things up, (metaphorical snakes or literal ones, I guess you'll have to read it to see for yourself ;), but the author stories truly do shine as all the gems in the world.

That means that when I do get to read a story like this one, I feel like shouting out to all of my friends to go and read it asap!
A Crown of Wishes is this beautiful story full of Indian mythology, adventure, romance, and courage, that will blow your socks away. Or any other type of garment that you might prefer... so do go and read it because you won't regret it.

As for this being a second book in a duology, in case you're wondering if you can skip the first one, and dive straight into this one... well, yes you can, but are you dumb?! Why would you do that?
Don't like too many good things all in a row?

Do hurry however, because the Tournament of Wishes is about to start, and the jewel of Bharata isn't known for her patience... isn't that right, Fox Prince? ;)

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Jupiter Myth (Marco Didius Falco #14) by Lindsey Davis

Another Falco adventure in his least favourite place... Britain.
The man hates the weather, isn't crazy about the local baths, and the bartenders are just fishy. And don't even get him started on the beer *ugh*... although water ends up being way... dangerous for everyone's health!

Luckily his closer family is with him: His beloved wife, Helena Justina, their two infant girls, and of course, Nux the family's dog.
Oh, and his sister Maia Favonia, her children, and lets not forget his BFF Petronius.
So of course, with this cast, we have mayhem and insanity. 
There's this scene in which we have Amazons, chariots, a f****g Bear, and people trying to kill each other! A circus, I tell you!

A man with connections ends up killed, so of course Falco ends up being recruited to find his killer.
A dangerous woman from his past makes an appearance, and Helena Justina decides to adopt a girl.
His youngest daughter has a close encounter with a bumblebee...oh yeah, and Falco makes a number of very stupid, STUPID, mistakes.
Typical Falco. I liked it, but it could be shorter.

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Lost Souls ( Cainsville #3.5) by Kelley Armstrong

                                           Arc Provided by Subterranean Press through Netgalley
                                                             Release Date: March 31st

The greatest compliment  I can give to this novella, is that after being thoroughly pissed of with the way things ended in the third Cainsville novel, I am now _once again _ determined in finishing the series! So, well done! Objective achieved, lol
As to what happens in this novella, obviously I'm not going to spoil it for you guys, but I'll say that the basic plot was extremely interesting... okay, there's ghosts...and other supernatural beings involved.
Patrick, aka Gabriel's... now what have you read?
Have you read the first four books and the anthology "Led Astray" who has some pretty good shorts on Gabriel and his childhood? Because in the case that you haven't, let's just keep things...secret. Okay?
So, I was talking about Patrick who is a writer amongst other things... Olivia would probably use a much more colourful language about the guy!*snort*
Patrick decides to get more involved in Gabriel's life, and of course things don't go as they probably should. A big mess ensues. Gabriel and Olivia's relationship is still on the mend, and people are getting lost. In more ways than one...
Now if you're wondering, after all my blabbering, if you can read this novella without reading the previous stories, the answer is yes.
Of course by doing so, you'll be losing more than half of the "fun" :)

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