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Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity #1) by Nalini Singh

This was so nice!

I'd grown disenchanted with this series, there were a lot of issues regarding consent that absolutely sickened me in past books, so it was such a nice surprise to see them absent in this book!

The relationship between Silver and Valentin felt a bit rushed at the beginning, but it was nicely developed later.
I loved how Valentin was so respectful of Silver's boundaries and took consent so seriously!

Also, FINALLY a gay relationship in a Nalini Singh book! 
I certainly hope to see more of it!
There was also a bi character so, yay!

All in all I'm looking forward to the next books!

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Missing by Kelley Armstrong


The thing with Armstrong's books is that once you start you can't stop.

I have to admit I was entertained by this one even if I found it disappointing that (HIGHLIGHT SPOILER) the killer was someone who wasn't even in the plot until the very end (/SPOILER), so I kind of felt robbed of the opportunity of solving a whodunit.

Also weird to me is how, in the middle of escaping a rabid serial killer, Winter and Jude found time for romance. 
I felt like Rod from Get Out, trying to shout some sense into these kids' heads.
But I guess some romance is to be expected in YA...

With all of this said and done, I did enjoy the book, even if the ending didn't really live up to the rest of it. 

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Stolen Legacy (Sky Full of Stars #3) by Lindsay Buroker

Now this is sci-fi!

Look what this book has!

- An ancient alien civilisation
- A quest for a lost artifact that'll give its​ wielder unfathomable power
- Hiding in a creepy asteroid field 
- Exploring an ancient space ship full of the bodies of people who died in a shift and mysterious way
- Ethical and moral discussions worthy of star trek tos
- Betrayal!

I wish all sci-fi/space opera books were like this!

Also, I'm pleased that a certain relationship became more certain, even if I believe it needs more boundaries re.: mind reading...

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Angle of Truth (Sky Full of Stars #2) by Lindsay Buroker

I really loved this book straight from the start so A+ on that re.: the last one.

Jelena and her crew are still amazing characters, even if Thor still mopes around acting like an edgelord. At least he's becoming somewhat more likeable.

I really loved the whole war conflict and the moral decisions the characters had to make.

For such a prolific author Buroker never fails to fully flesh all the characters she writes, I don't know how she does it, but it's amazing.

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The Rogue Prince (Sky Full of Stars #1) by Lindsay Buroker

This book only became interesting to me at the 50 something percent mark, which is unusual with any of Buroker's books. But after that it became amazing!

As usual I loved all the characters.
And while it feels like we're reading star wars fanfic, it's good star wars fanfic so that's ok.

I have to admit I don't have much patience for characters like Thor: the brooding, emotionally constipated assassin who is obsessed with his lady love.

I didn't like it with Sicarius and I doubt I'll like it with this series.

I guess I'm getting old but I prefer to read about relationships were both partners are contributing the same amount of emotional labour to the relationship.

Besides, having established how abhorrent mind rape is in previous books, it's incredibly horrifying to have Thor constantly reading Jelena's mind at. all. times., like wtf, this isn't romantic or even cute. It's revolting!

That being said I really like everything else, even if I always read Jelena's name as Jolene (please don't take my man).

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The Madmen's City by Cady Vance

This entire book was absurd.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was tstl.

How do you have a batman-like do-gooder running around telling his secret identity to a bunch of kids?

How are you going to write My Immortal descriptions of what the characters are wearing?

How are you going to dress up a crime fighting kid in a white trenchcoat and hat (I'm assuming fedora, from his behaviour) and have him say that no one ever sees him at night?

How are you going to write said kid's dialogue in a noiresque way that only makes sense coming out of a 50-something year old detective who is not only disillusioned with life but also a functional alcoholic?

How are you going to write your female mc as a complete idiot?

How are you going to write a plot as thin as a 15 minute episode of something out of cartoon network?

And how do you manage to make it all so boring?

So many questions...

The Kraken King (The Iron Seas #4) by Meljean Brook


I started this by reading the instalments, but then I decided to wait for the whole thing.

I should have kept reading the instalments because, when you don't space your reading with this book, it's too much all at once.

For me it was too much drama and too much purple prose romance.

Again, I'd like to reiterate that, if this book has been read in instalments it would have worked perfectly, but as it is it didn't work for me.

That being said Meljean is an amazing author and I can't wait for her next book!

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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

                                        Arc Provided by Flatiron Books through Netgalley

                                                        Release Date: September 5th

Pitched as a feminist retelling, "Girls Made of Snow and Glass", doesn't disappoint in the least.
Told in the alternative pov's of Mina, the stepmother Queen and Lynet, the snow Princess, this is a story that most surely will stay with the reader long after its read...
What if there was more to the "tale" of the "evil" stepmother and her "naive" stepdaughter?
What if there was a story of trying to break with one's past and one's sorrow? What if you only wanted to be loved, but never quite achieved that?
How would you turn out with people trying to make a puppet out of you?

This is the story of two women both trying to find out their true natures in a grey world . A world of snow and cold. And of bitter family ties.
 Along the way they will have to decide if they'll risk breaking those ties for a chance of finally being themselves. And of loving who they want.
"Girls Made of Snow and Ice" is a tale of self discovery, friendship, and of budding young love, interwoven with bits of magic...
In it, you have very different love stories. You have one between a woman with a heart of glass, and her creation. But for how long will it be her creation?
Another between two girls, both trying to survive in that world: One that has had everything given to her, except the love of a mother. And the other, who is trying to find her own station in a world filled with people who want to use her...
 But for me, the most rewarding its between a mother and her child. Despite all obstacles, barriers, and wishes of kings.
The writing is skilfully done, taking the reader successfully into a cursed world of snow, and many were the phrases _ so beautifully written _that I would love to share with you guys.
Really a remarkable read.

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June Book Releases

Some June book releases that caught my attention...

Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children, #2) Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity, #1; Psy-Changeling, #16) The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter The Broken Ones (The Malediction Trilogy, #0.6)

The Monster in the Closet (Romantic Suspense, #19; Baltimore, #5) Sight Unseen: A Collection of Five Anonymous Novellas Dividing Eden (Dividing Eden, #1) The Day of the Duchess (Scandal & Scoundrel, #3)

 The Bone Queen - June 13 2017
The Suffering Tree - June 13, 2017

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Haunted Heist (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #3) by Angie Fox

Verity Long is back with another mystery!
Although her adventures are many and her ghost friend Frankie allows Verity to see into the "other side" and interact with other ghosts, none of that pays the bills.
So Verity is ecstatic when her bff Lauralee's uncle Reggie pays her a visit and offers her a marketing job at his bank.

Since Verity is persona non grata in Sugarland no one else will give her a job, so this really seems like a new chapter in Verity's life!

Too bad Reggie is soon murdered and Verity now finds herself among the suspects...

This had, as always, a delightful plot!
Though I guessed the killer in this one it was still a fun read.

I love how, even though there are so many (soooo many!) reasons for her relationship with Ellis to be full of drama they both just decide to be adults and roll with it. 
It's so nice to read a book without unnecessary angst!

I love how Angie Fox makes her characters, even the side characters or just characters that appear in one scene, feel fully fleshed and with their own personalities.

So, as usual, if you feel like reading a drama-free cozy mystery this is a treat!

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