Friday, 3 August 2012

Patricia A. McKillip's The Changeling Sea

Sometimes people ask me to recommend a book and it usually goes a bit like this:

Hipster girl: Hey do you know which book I shoul--
Me: The Changeling Sea!
Metalhead dude: Hey, I've been thinking about readi--
Me: The Changeling Sea!
Mum: Any books you--
Me: The Changeling Sea!
Some friend: Got any books yo--
Me: The Changeling Sea!
Some friend: You always say that! I've already read it!

Anyone who's lived their whole life by the sea will tell you that it's hard to successfully write a story that will give you the sense of wonder and possibility it brings. A Menina do Mar comes to mind, and though it's a children's book it's absolutely perfect, perhaps because I read it when I was a little girl and those books always have a special place in our hearts. The Changeling Sea through what I can only assume to be some freaky magical powers Patricia McKillip possesses, managed to be placed into that same corner of my heart even though I've read it as an adult. I guess that's the highest praise a book can get. 

Peri, Lyo and the sea-dragon.
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