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R.J. Anderson's Knife (or The Faery Rebels)

Isa's Review:

Generally speaking, I know how good a book is if I almost die while reading it. I tend to read while walking and if the book is good enough, chances are I'll stupidly walk into traffic and almost give some innocent driver a heart-attack.

That didn't happen with the Faery Rebel series, I only tripped and fell onto some train tracks while reading them, but I knew then and there that they were wonderful.

The main protagonist is a tiny fairy who still manages to be more badass than almost all action heroes combined. Seriously, Rambo had better watch out for Knife, if he wanders too near her tree - that's how awesome she is.
So, let me be serious for a moment (no, seriously). People who aren't able-bodied aren't exactly represented in YA unless it's like, HERO: "Oh, my somewhat friend-acquaintance in whom the readers weren't even that invested... he was so brave, now he's a cripple after our epic battle, so obviously his life is over and we'll never hear of him again. Let us enjoy our post-war happiness and glory. Except for the cripple, of course."
So it's really great to have a hero/love interest who is not able-bodied and whose life *GASP* is not over.

Now on to silliness:

KNIFE: Lets get down to business! To defeat some birds! Did they send me fairies? When I asked for a knife? No seriously, assholes, step back I have a knife. Oh, knife, knife! I love you so! I love you so much that... I'll take your name. I'm Knife now, you guys. Don't forget that, or I'll cut you. Oh, knife... *strokes knife lovingly*
FOR REAL KNIFE: *is a knife*
FAIRY QUEEN: Knife, our fairy kingdom/hive in a tree-hole is dying. We need to find magic and perhaps some dick, because we're all ladies in here and I mean, ok, I'm down but we really could use some dick, Knife. I mean, magic. We need magic.
KNIFE: Pssh! Magic! Dick! What for, when all you need... *throbbing hearts eyes* is a knife.
FAIRY QUEEN: Knife... some ladies... they want more than knives.
KNIFE: *gags*
FAIRY QUEEN: I know, I know, but hear me out. You need to go outside, not just for hunting like a badass, but to find magic. And dick.
KNIFE: Can I take my knife?
FAIRY QUEEN: *sigh* Sure.
PAUL: I must be strong. I know I'm having a hard time adjusting since the accident, but I can overcome this and be an amazing artist and-- WTF IS THAT A FAIRY.
KNIFE: O hay, what's with your legs?
MOMENT: *awkward*
PAUL: I can't use them any more. There was an accident... I'm really struggling right now, I didn't know if I could go on being an artist, I haven't been able to draw since the accident, but you, Knife, you're my muse. My dreams don't have to die.
KNIFE: *nods* Like your legs.

Susana's review:

Okay, i'll admit that if it wasn't for Isa i probably wouldn't ever have picked this one up...
Lets face it, the cover _although beautiful _  seems more middle school oriented than ya.
Well, let me tell you, The cover..."lies"!

 The writing in this story is so captivating that even during this re-read it still managed to capture my attention. Not only that, but i've got the feeling that this second time around, the read was even better (not an easy feat).

Inside this book there's this captivating story of fairies and humans.
But these fairies, aren't  your average Tinker Bell's. Something is wrong with them. Her magic has practically left them, and a strange sickness has started affecting a number of them.

Amongst them, there's a fairy named Knife. Now, Knife is as courageous as one can get. One day during an epic fight with one of the fairies mightiest enemies _ The Crow _she ends up severely injured...

Enter Paul:
Paul could be your typical human teenager....this one just happens to be in a wheelchair
He's angry and lost due to the accident that left him paralyzed, and he's having a hard time dealing with the situation. Luckily to him, Knife isn't used to losing battles. And Paul McCormick won't be one of them.

You know? It's really is true...
A good book can be read by anyone, no matter how old one is. This is Knife's case. Even with the paranormal element, some situations were dealt very realistically. And the budding romance between the main characters was done in a sweet way, never undermining the plot.
This is one of those cases, where i feel like shouting at the top of my lungs:
I dare you...
Five gold stars.
Looking forward in reading the next volumes.

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