Sunday, 30 June 2013

Just One Day by Sharla Lovelace

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Lately i haven't been too keen on reading romances. However this is my second contemporary novel in the last few days, and I'm okay with it...hum, i'm blaming my strange behaviour on the weather! ;)
To be fair, i'll admit that the fact of it being a short story and "indicated" for fans of Sarah Addison Allen piqued my interest

Okay, so this gets a three star rating, because its a novella.
Its impossible to get something perfectly developed in such a short amount of pages...even when one likes the characters.

Did i liked it?
Yes, mostly i did....i was having some issues in the beginning, because there were some questions that for me should have been addressed in the first pages: _Where does Andie lives? What does she do for work?
Things like that, but they do end up being addressed...

I liked the writing, and i liked  the bits of paranormal that were placed in here. I think i needed something more in terms of atmosphere to truly call this magical realism. But it wasn't bad. 
It could have been better, of course if it had been longer.

This is basically the story of a woman in a crossroads in her life. The man she lives with proposes, but her reaction isn't quite what he was expecting. What follows, is predictable, but enjoyable in a "romance kind of way" of long lost lovers reunited tradition.
Of course a reunion that takes place on "one day" takes its toll on the story....maybe the next one will be called "a couple of months"... o.O

In the end i can't help feeling like this short story did its job:
It entertained me, and left me curious about the author's other works. official site

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