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Along Came a Spider (Transplanted Tales # 3) by Kate Serine

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A couple months ago i read Red and i loved it! The idea was original, and as a fairy tale addict, i loved reading about characters that made me company through my childhood, as well as growing up.

The tone of that story was definitely urban fantasy, with a little paranormal romance in with, that i could have done without....(especially the parts with Vlad, the vampire).. but all in all, it was an interesting story to read.

The second one The Better To See You was definitely more paranormal romance than urban fantasy oriented, but since i liked the characters (Seth, the werewolf and Lavender, the Fairy Godmother) and their chemistry, i could deal with it.

The plot of the stories...

That's the thing. Besides the romances that are created and developed in each and every story, the second and third book follow something that started with the first book. The thing is, i can't help feeling that that situation involving two precise characters wasn't strong enough for two books...much less three!

So, i'm afraid that this plot wasn't able to convince me....
Also, regarding the romance between the characters, it was only able to convince me in their chemistry...because the whole: I looked into your eyes and saw your soul" and "i looked into your eyes and falled in love with you" isn't my thing as a reader.

Also as pet peeves, i have to say that i could have done without popular references. eg: Kardashians...

Then Nicky is a grown man/Tale, so why not calling him, Nick?

Then although i like some diversity in characters, there were times when i felt i was hearing/reading a lot of "blah..blah..blah..." coming from noisy characters that didn't add anything to the story. And in the end it all felt very clichéd...

Sooooo, although i didn't enjoy this one all that much...i'll be waiting for the next one, hoping that it will be written more along the lines of the first one Red.

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