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Mountain Echoes by C. E. Murphy

This story, well, it was just perfection for me! ;)

For those of you, who aren't familiarized with this series, "The walker papers", this is the most recent addition to it.  And for me, it was amazing! :D
So trying to keeping it short:
Fifteen months ago, Joanne walker discovered she has a magical inheritance:
She's a Shaman. Now trying to combine that aspect of her life with her work (mechanic for the police)  friends, new and old ones, will prove to be somewhat difficult..

So during the previous books, we  see this easy going character trying to deal with things she never thought could happen. She has questions, she has doubts, and we see her dealing with them. Nothing happens in the blink of an eye...

The only sad thing about it, is that apparently the next volume will be the last one of the series. Really?? :(

How can i possibly live without Joanne's antics??? O_O

But this one, Oh MY GOD!!!

Action packed intense, riveting,( flying MUSTANGS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT HORSES, BUT JOANNE'S "PETITE"!) emotional, (yeah, it made me cry! o.O) romantic (Morrison, YAY!!!) funny (Joanne's drives her spirit animals insane!) this was a wild and intense journey!!

...apparently a couple of days later, i still can't get my feelings in check! this book:
Joanne is back in North Carolina after having promised never to return.
Her father and Lucas _ the father of her son...its a long story _ have both gone missing, and she is determined to find out what has happened.
Once there, it becomes clear that the "Master" aka Joanne's opponent has made another move :
An evilness has permeated the land, making even the mountains scream.

Backed by her animal spirits Joanne tries to fight that evil. But it seems that this time she is more than outnumbered, and Aiden her son, may end up having a very relevant role in the upcoming battle.

What i loved more in the book: Joanne's growth as a person and a shaman. She comes to accept the hand she was given in the game. It may not have been perfect, it definitely wasn't conventional, but at the same time it allowed her the use of an unbelievable power...

I guess i was expecting more in the way of her relationship with the son she had given up for adoption, but in the end i have to give it to the author, that things did really go smoothly.

Also, the glimpses into Joanne's past were perfect. Heartbreaking sad at times, but perfect...

Morrison...yeah, the guy gets his own paragraph!

Some of my complaints concerning this series, have regarded the romantic aspect of the thing. LOL
Normally it's the other way around, but in the Walker series, i wouldn't have minded more romance.... basically because the tension between Walker and Morrison (oh, they're still insane with the name thing! *shakes head*) were killing me!

But, boy oh boy, was it worth the wait!!

Morrison is the perfect male character. He's calm,( a little less so when Jo's driving.. O_O..but who wouldn't be) reserved,(who could have guessed his fears) cool under fire....and guess what??
 Still a little (lol, a lot!) jealous of Coyote!

That first scene where he appears driving Petite (He can drive fast!!) was swoon worthing...LOL...and i'm not even going to mention what happens next! *.* :D

So yes, i loved this story, and i can't wait for the next one...especially after that call....

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