Thursday, 29 August 2013

30 Day Book Challenge: Isa's Day 01 – Best book you read last year

I don't know how many of you watch (*sniff* ...watched) Luther, but if you haven't watched it yet, you are really missing out.

Let me be honest, one of the best things about Luther, for me, is Alice.

She's so unrepentantly insane! She's done horrible things, things I wouldn't forgive any other character, things I do NOT forgive her! ...And yet I can't help but... like her? Yes, let's go with "like" and not explore how sexy murderous ladies leave me confused.

 I killed my parents for the lols.

But there is no Alice in Luther: The Calling. It's a prequel. I thought I'd hate it, I thought I'd just plod through it with a jewellers loupe, searching for a hint of Alice. Alas, there was no Alice


I can't give much away when it comes to the plot because it would all be spoilers for the tv series, but let us just say Luther is trying his best to save a newborn baby from the hands of a pedophile. And things... get steadily worse. By worse I mean the situation, not the writing, plot, or general amazingness of the book.

One thing I have to point out about Neil Cross: he writes women well (well, up until the last season with the Tinkerbell thing). Oh, there are a few haters on the internet, loathing Zoe and even Jenny(!) for being less than 20 feet away from Luther and in possession of a vagina. Admittedly, I don't get the hate, but Neil Cross made it even more impossible to dislike Zoe, impossible to dislike Mark! All of this while still rooting for Luther - let's be real, it helps that Luther is describe throughout as Idris Elba.

pictured above, triggering ovulation on unsuspecting females

But back to the book! It's like Neil Cross sat down and decided to ponder: "what makes human beings, collectively, as a species, act insanely protective?" And he came up with:

  • Babies
  • Children
  • Abused dogs
  • Kind grandpas
 And then he spent the entire book, (and the series, let's be honest), using them to crush the readers' souls.
There were points in this book where I just threw it away from me because I couldn't stand it any longer. And then, when I stopped sobbing, I'd pick it up and voraciously kept reading it.

Now it's been over a year since I've read it and sometimes, I'll remember something from it and I'm just like, "Someone bash my head in with a shovel, I can't go on living after this book."

So, what I'm saying is: Go on. Read it.


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