Saturday, 31 August 2013

30 Day Book Challenge: Isa's Day 02 – A book that you’ve read more than 3 times

This would be… most books?
I’ll take this as meaning, “A book over which you were unhealthily obsessed” which… still leaves a lot of options, but not as many, so it’s progress!
There are so many, but some of them will show up later on throughout this challenge, so I’ll just choose

No, seriously, I was obsessed (lol, …was) with this book. Why? Benedick and Beatrice. They’re my otp.  Too wise to woo peaceably...

Oh, girl… you know which one.

Have to admit the more I read it (and I do so at least once a year) the more I dislike Claudio and how he treated Hero…

Selene, Dr. Wilson, Gilderoy Lockhart and Professor Trelawney

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