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Ashes on the Waves by Mary Lindsey

The following text is an assortment of ramblings and spoilers...
By this, i don't mean to offend the author in any way, i'm just expressing what i felt while reading it...

Jeez!! I'm depressed!! What a mess of non-stop dramas!

Drama number one: Liam, age twenty, lives in a godforsaken island where "people"(i'm inclined to just call them animals, but then i would be offending mother nature) live as if they're stuck on the fourteenth century...and i'm probably being too kind in this....

Drama number Two: The guy was borne with a problem in his arm, so THAT alongside with the fact that's his mother died at childbirth (supposedly...guess she was killed....i kind of skimmed that part, because by then, i was ready to cut off my air supply...there were tombs and people drowning!!) makes him a demon at his neighbors  eyes (The ignorant ones...which is mostly EVERYONE ) .

Drama number Three: The poor guy is so innocent and naive _even living there _ that he really thinks of himself as a demon! How sick is that??? He doesn't even know what jealousy feels like....

Drama number Four: Falling in love at ten years of age and obsessing about that person for ten years more...

Drama number Five: Everyone _minus two _ wants to kill him..

Drama number Six: If someone dies, Liam's to blame..so lets get the rope!! (I kid you not!!)

Drama number Seven: In this lovely island (not)  in which the story takes place, husbands can throw their wifes down the cliffs, children can be sold to perverts and married of at fourteen years old...

Drama number Eight: The bad guys with blue skin that live underwater...

Drama number Nine: Talking selkies....or were they, mind reading selkies??

Drama number Ten: Selkies in love...with humans...hopeless, hopeless, all is hopeless...

Drama number Eleven: NO CONSISTENT PLOT!! Just a whole lot of bunch of angst, evil characters, and DRAMA...AND EVERLASTING TEEN LOVE!!

And weird making out places....really!!

There's a part, where Anna and Liam basically say and do things like this: "I'm scared, so kiss me, and lets make out in this creepy tunnel..."
That moment was so weird...

You know what's the worst part?

While i was reading the first pages, i actually thought i was going to enjoy this!
(This was WAY before the talking selkies and cliched ignorant folks..)

I was liking Liam, and the way he was portrayed. And then, how could i not sympathize with such an abused character?
BUT, i wanted more...i wanted to see his development as a character!! I can't help feeling, that this soap opera drama story, could have been done in another way than the; "WOE IS ON ME!! ALL IS LOST!! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!"

Honestly, what was the use of introducing some contemporary character in a setting such as this?? (The remaining characters are all chichés of ancient times!!)
Just, to appreciate the differences at the patterns of speech between Liam and Anna?
To give her the opportunity of growing as a person?
For what?

Heck no!!

I'm aware that this was inspired in Poe's poem....INSPIRED being the important word here. Because for such a short poem "Annabel Lee" did allow a vast number of extravaganzas in the plot. So why, not having the characters grow?

Why not having them get of the island?

Why not having Liam overcoming his past and realizing that there is more to life than Anna?

Why not crossing paths on a street, one or two decades later, and him thinking: I used to love this beautiful creature nay, this woman.

Because honestly, i would have been less tired and mentally exhausted had i been banging my head against the walls, instead of having read this!!

Maybe if i lived in a dark, moisty crypt(?) this would have some sort of appeal to me...but i'm a proud thirty four year old cynic (YAY!), so reading about love through death (let the violins play)...thanks, but no thanks!!

Thank God for friends that point me in the direction of good books! Because lately, my aiming sucks!!

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