Sunday, 25 August 2013

Chime: Fan Art and Parody

Surely you remember your witchy rage, how it set the river to boiling?
I know you remember standing beside the river, looking up at the Parsonage. Looking at the back garden, at the apple tree, where the swings had once hung. Looking at Stepmother, bending over the vegetable beds. You remember the boiling river, you remember Mucky Face rising—rising from the river—rising ten feet, fifteen feet, curling over himself. Curling himself into a wave.
You’d called Mucky Face and he came.

 -- Chime by Franny Billingsley


What is it with me and my love for women completely devoid of weakness? I mean, human emotion, completely devoid of human emotion. I guess we'll never know...

BRIONY: Swamp, why can't people be like you?
BRIONY: Unable to speak to me.
TOWNSPEOPLE: Briony, were there witches in the swamp? Are there witches here? WITCHES! Were they naked? Could they read?
ELDRIC: I've come to study or w/e. In a swamp town. So what do you think about evolution?
BRIONY: I think it's anachronistic in a book like this. Could you step away from me?
ELDRIC: Oh Briony, Briony, you are so smart!
BRIONY: I know. Now leave. *sigh* I really hope my witch powers have finally left me.
SWAMP MONSTER THING: Pssst! Pssst! Brionyyyy!

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