Sunday, 25 August 2013

Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett

I guess one can never have too many books to read...or urban fantasy series to follow! Because after finishing this book, i can definitely say that if this doesn't turn out into a favorite series, i will have an apoplexy... o.O

Arcadia Bell is a magician...but, not the kind that that tries to pull rabbits out of hats....

... no, Arcadia is the real thing. As a magician she can pull and "kindle" energy (known as Heka) into her body, and then unleash it as a fact, there were times when a certain cartoon character would come to mind....especially because Arcadia original name is Seléne...does this ring a bell?

Now, Arcadia has a secret in her past. A reason that made her, seven years ago go into hiding...
Daughter of a famous occultist couple, she will do anything to get her parents back.

I confess, that i didn't find the beginning of the story, the first 10, 20% of it, all that interesting...but (it's a big but) once Lon Butler makes an appearance everything changed :)

The story became gripping, the characters more interesting and i loved that Lon has a teenage kid. Normally all the main characters are aloof an lonely. This was a nice change.

Jupe (short for Jupiter) is this dynamic, engaging character, who definitely isn't only there to fill the pages...demon spawn definitely takes another meaning with this kid ;)

Cady and Lon relationship was intense and riveting and i can't wait to read more about them, and about this world...
One last thing...
Lon was so perfectly characterized(and endearingly so) that i didn't even mind the
Now, that more than the age thing, was a BIG risk to take!! ;)

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