Friday, 30 August 2013

Summoning the Night (Arcadia Bell #2) by Jenn Bennett

Lets see...what is it, that makes me like this series?
Well for starters, the characters...
 I can't remember another UF series who has a "family" as it's main characters: Cady (Arcadia Bell), Lon Butler and Jupe (short for Jupiter), Lon's son. They may not be a conventional one, but that's what they are.

In fact i don't think i would enjoy this series as much as i do, if there wasn't a "Jupe" on board. The almost fourteen old kid is just insanely adorable, with his big mouth and his frizzy curls ;)
The dynamics between him and Cady are just adorable, and then it's always nice reading about a happy/strong relationship between father and son...

Then there's Cady and Lon relationship, which i just love reading about. I also like the occasional information "slip" that reminds us of Lon's age (42 to Cady's 25). It makes the story more realistic.

Well i don't know what it says about my detective skills (probably that i suck at them!) but the unfolding of the mystery (a vast number of teens that had gone missing) and its resolution...i mean WHO DID IT, caught me completely unaware!!
Bonus points!!

Bottom line: I really enjoyed this book (s story that didn't in any single way suffer from second book syndrome!) and as soon as i can, i will start with the next one. :)

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