Monday, 2 September 2013

30 Day Book Challenge - Susana's Day 04 : Favorite Book of Favorite Series

As you can see and read, my choice is "Ashes of Honor" by Seanan Mcguire .

 Like i've said (or gushed) many and many times before, Seanan Mcguire  has created a world that i just adore. 
At this moment, there's nothing that i love more than to see characters that i love, change and evolve throughout a series...yes, they sometimes make mistakes, and sure sometimes one feels like screaming at them...but that's what makes them real.

Warning: some serious fangirling (and some romantic spoilers!) on the way...

This book...well, it's the sixth volume and at last after a long, LONG waiting, Toby and Tybalt FINALLY admit their feelings to one another!!
(... no i'm not being sarcastic about it!! THEY REALLY NEEDED TO TALK!)

Thank God, that I started the series near the middle, because if not, THESE TWO would have killed me! With their....pure stubbornness...and blindness!!

And now i just feel like re-read it :)
So, why don't you start it and "see" for yourselves? 

p.s- The second book in the series _for me _ is...not so good, as the other ones, but please give it a try! You'll see that the third and following ones, are  just pure and simply amazing!

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