Thursday, 5 September 2013

30 Day Book Challenge- Susana's Day 06- A Book that makes me sad

I'm afraid that the list of books that left me sad, is vast and long.

And between that long list, an author makes quite a few appearances: Alice Hoffman.

I love this author's writing style, but plainly speaking, most of the times while reading the author's books, i get somewhat depressed...and sad, of course...

So the problem would be choosing ONE book in a long list of sad stories that the author created. Even now, while writing this, I'm having second thoughts.

I was planning on choosing the "River King" (although, "Probable Future", "The Ice Queen", "Illumination Night", "Blue Diary" "skylight Confessions" and so on and on, could also be candidates..) but now I'm thinking about "Turtle Moon"...

Turtle Moon was my first Alice Hoffman book. And in the meanwhile I've read it quite a few times. Luckily it is one of those books that my memory has grabbed hold of.

Because of this book, and the way it starts, every once in every May, suddenly I find myself smiling, remembering the first paragraph... it is that unforgettable, written as it is, in Alice Hoffman's enchanting way.

So, why does it make me sad?

It has angels that have been stuck in earth for so long now, that they're starting to leave prints in the grass...

There's boys so angry at their lives, that they decide to run away...

A grown man stuck in a mistake in the past..

Babies that won't ever know their mothers...

But then, there's also unexpected friendship and love.

It's definitely time for me to reread it once again...

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