Friday, 6 September 2013

30 Day Book Challenge -Susana's Day 07 ; A Book That Makes Me Laugh

Eloisa James "Duchess By Night"

This was a read that completely surprised me...

First of all, because i didn't think i was going to enjoy it! (Frankly speaking Harriet wasn't the most interesting character in the previous two books of the "Desperate Duchesses" series..).

And secondly, because i never in my life would have thought that i would be able to laugh  as much as i did with this fact, this was one of the rarest cases in which i wouldn't have minded had the farce between the two main characters lasted longer...(Harriet is pretending  be a Harry, leaving Jem the male character extremely....upset!)
Yes, to my eternal surprise i preferred the comedy between those two, to their romance..
Who would have guessed?

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