Tuesday, 10 September 2013

30 Day Book Challenge : Susana's Day 11 - A Book i hated

There's a lot to choose from, but i'm going to go with this book..


Normally i'm not the kind of person who has trouble following a fantasy plot. Give me some basic details and foundations, and i'm good to read it.

So, having a girl whose body was turning into glass, i though: This is going to be amazing!!
( I'll spare you the details where i despaired while trying to buy the perfect edition...with its beautiful cover! )

The thing is :
_I couldn't connect with the characters. Just because someone is strange, that doesn't turn him/her into someone interesting...it didn't.

_Then i may like fantasy, magical realism whatever..but i want it to be logically driven. This didn't had a logical "bone" in its "body"...

Also i couldn't understand most of this book story...there were bugs that were miniature cows (?) and no reason why the girl was turning into ice (at least in the part that i read)...it was just a strange island, with strange people....and strange bugs.. O_O

This probably had some deeper meaning that my pathetic brain cells were just incapable of following..and that's okay with me.

_Then there was an "attempt" at a love story...that didn't work out...

So on and on, lets just say, I'm not reader material for this type of book.

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