Monday, 16 September 2013

30 Day Book Challenge: Susana's Day 15 - Favorite Male Character

Well,  i already let one day go by without posting here, because honestly i was trying to come out with a new idea....that wouldn't let me sound like i was fangirling over a character...
....oh well!

I guess i could choose Tybalt (Seanan's McGuire character) but so far i've only read six books featuring the Caith Sidthe (guy who is capable of turning into a cat..) or Peeta (Hunger Games), but before those two came along i had already read more than thirty books choice ;)

Well, he is described as having the most bluest beautiful eyes ever i was thinking something along the lines of "this" :)

He grew up in poverty and abuse, and became one of the most important business man in a futuristic world..
But that isn't what count. What matters, is his determination and his character...

He keeps a button of one of his wife's suits  in his a souvenir of the day they met ;)

Does anyone knows of whom i'm talking about? :)

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