Sunday, 22 September 2013

30 Day Book Challenge: Susana's Day 18 - A Book that disappointed me

Here's the thing: 
One can give me zombie cockroaches, mutant elephants and even talking plants (it has happened). If the plot seems interesting enough I will read said book.

But a thing that drives me insane are love triangles... not all of them (well, honesty a very small number of them, but it does happen) but, surprise, surprise, the first book of this series is included in that list.

I had big hopes for this series. In fact, I expected that it would turn out to be one of my favorites urban fantasy series. And you know, things were looking good: I read the first one "The Shadow Reader" in the blink of an eye.

Like I said, there's a love triangle: there's Mckenzie, Aren and Taltrayn...

Mckenzie has been in love with Taltrayn, a fae commander (or something of the like) for more than ten years - since he saved her from the rebels who had captured her. 
That happened because Mckenzie's a shadow reader, someone very important in the war between the fae loyal to the regime and the rebels... but in all honesty, the way this activity is described by the author, it isn't all that interesting.

But Taltrayn is nothing but loyal to his lord, who doesn't believe in mixing up bloodlines with humans... so, Taltrayn and Mckenzie only take small moments stolen here and there for themselves. Basically Mckenzie places her professional and romantic life on hold because of the Fae and because of Taltrayn.

Enter Aren, a rebel leader.
Mackenzie ends up kidnapped and in the hands of the rebels, who want to use her against the regime. The thing is, faced with the other side of the war, Mckenzie finally sees the consequences of her involvement in the fae war... there's no such thing as white and black anywhere...

Alongside that, Aren makes pretty clear that he will do anything to win her over... unlike  what good old Taltrayn has done.
So, in the end of book one, the love triangle is resolved in a way that I loved!! It was logical and mature.

 The thing is, in the second (this one), I found the plot slow and boring. And I normally like political intrigue...

 Aren almost doesn't appear, and every time he does the romance is treated in a very juvenile/ya way. 

Then I couldn't help feeling that there was some info dumping by the author, as a way to show us: Here! You see? Aren behavior is not pristine!!
We know, he's fighting a war...

So it should come as no surprise the way the book ends: surprise surprise, the love triangle is once again well alive...
No.... just no!
I want a strong interesting plot. Not to be wondering with whom she's going to end up
After this, I don't even know if I'll be reading the third one.

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