Wednesday, 25 September 2013

30 day Book Challenge: Susana's Day 20 - Favorite romance Novel

What can i say about this book that hasn't already been said ?
Probably i'm going to try no to enrage Miss Austen spirit..
(Luckily i'm not on GR, or ELSE my review would be deleted on account of me daring to speak about an author's life!! Heaven Forbid!!)

I think i was probably fifteen when i first read Pride and Prejudice. The BBC series was playing at the time, (see sometimes watching television does make you want to read more...sometimes it even makes you completely stop watching tv!) and i couldn't help falling into Jane Austen's witty and snarky world..although there were a few times, in other of her novels that i kind of wished her heroines would tell the heros to bugger of!
(This was not the case with Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy!)

This was originally written in 1796-1797 under the title "First Impressions".
Not a bad name, but whoever choose Pride and Prejudice, was definitely inspired.

For a novel written more than two hundred years ago, its characters continue very much alive in the readers hearts and minds. For, who can resist a romance with such.....ah, difficult and interesting characters?
But the novel doesn't live only of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett barbs.


Accompanying them, are a vast, and large number of interesting and quirky characters (who can forget the Bennett's cousin Mr. Collins?) rendering a very lively account of rural England in the nineteen century.

Of course at fifteen none of this crossed my mind...

I was fifteen!!
And i had a huge crush on Collin fact, some of his personality kind of rubbed in me:
_Why are you talking at me?
_Have we been introduced?
_Go away...

So, if you haven't read it...what are you waiting for??
Who knows if there's libraries in heaven....or if the pages are not inflammable down there?

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