Monday, 30 September 2013

A Really Awesome Mess by Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin

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DNF at 60 %

I really try not to leave books unfinished, but any more of this, and I would be the one needing psychiatric help!

To say that this didn't correspond to my expectations would be putting it mildly.
This was just unbelievable bad... in a sort of reality kids' show bad!!

I read the synopsis and it sounded like this could be something interesting: kids with very different problems coming together and helping one another.
What I got: spoiled brats who care only about themselves...

One of these characters, Emmy, has an eating disorder. But does her disease get treated with respect by the other members?
Or even by the authors?
The answer is a big fat NO.

The other kids have the social skills of cockroaches.
And the authors would have us believe that a kid with this sort of problem wouldn't have to start adjusting her eating habits!
No, she gets there and immediately starts being forced to eat everything they place on her plate!!

Then, immediately after the story starts, there's an attempt at insta-love! Right!!
Because that's what matters... who cares if the girl is trying to starve herself to death, and the guy tried to kill himself?
This is an YA book! Of course there's got BE LOVE!! And  LOVE directed at a shmuck who treats her as if she's only being fanciful about food... yeah, he makes a lot of interesting remarks.

In fact, pretty much all the teens in the book come out as spoiled brats!
I guess the authors were aiming for troubled and problematic, but as far as I'm concerned, they only got into the spoiled brats level.

The comments, and remarks, display an incredible nonexistent level of empathy for anyone that's not themselves. They're arrogant, snarky, politically incorrect characters, who enjoy making cruel/racist and stupid remarks.

“Honestly, don’t you see how stupid this skinny thing is? You have no tits or ass left. No guy is ever gonna think you’re hot.” (Diana to Emmy)

Yes, they're basically too stupid to live...

Maybe further along the line, they wont be half as bad, but honestly I've had enough of this.

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