Sunday, 15 September 2013

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

Who ever said that urban fantasy couldn't be funny?
Definitely not Seanan Mcguire...

What an enjoyable story!
With a leading character who knows as much of ballroom dancing (yes!) as she knows of cryptids (also known as monsters by some uninformed parts, aka "The covenant") this was an action packed story, filled with witty banter, romance, gore and talking mice...not necessarily in this order.

Like what happens with the "October Daye" series, the author doesn't do anything by half when it comes to creating the most detailed world building ever! The geeky part of me just loves this!!

The members of the Price family have dedicated their lifes to the protection (in most cases) of the cryptids rights...
The members of the Covenant are determined to kill them all...
Verity Price and Dominic De Luca (Covenant operative) are about to come colliding into each other's world...with a little help from the Aeslin mice...who are the cutest thing ever!!
And they are mice!!
Hail the Aeslin Mice!

Bottom Line: Likable characters, flowing dialogues and a five star worth imagination, makes of this book an entrancing read!
So do not be alarmed by the cover, and give it a try ;)

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