Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Origin (Lux Novel #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

For me, better than the third volume that didn't quite work for me...but even so, not a favourite like Obsidian turned out to be.

Okay, the only reason i keep reading this series, is because i want to know what will happen to all these characters....but honestly, this is not my thing anymore. But this is my problem, and not the books or the author's writing.

Basically there were some things in this book that didn't work for me. For instance, in this story, the bad guys were just too clichéd. You know, insane and fanatics?

Daemon's awesomeness was also a little too much. Although i understand the reason why!
If the guy started being tortured in the book, most of the readers would start crying buckets! lol
But its not very feasible that such a powerful guy, would be given such leeway....in various aspects while confined.

The plot was okay. It makes you want to keep reading. Some parts were a little predictable, but on and on, i didn't feel the need to shout at "people", so nothing to point in that department...

The romance, lol, well they're Daemon and Katy, so i guess too much sweetness is too be expected:

“I have something really corny to say. Get ready for it.”
She traced the line of my jaw. “I’m ready.”
“I’m mental for you.”
She busted into laughter. “Oh my God, that is corny.”

And Daemon being Daemon, continues to be....his same old self:
Kat’s head whipped around, her cheeks flushed. “You’re such a dog sometimes.”

Towards the end, there's some pretty good action scenes. Although (SPOILER ALERT!!) killing the non essential characters wasn't all that interesting....maybe because i didn't care about them in the first place.
It felt a little like letting go of the non essential baggage.

Then, i don't know...it must be complicated to write a new young adult book in our days. Some people are still so conservative...and hypocrite, that the author probably ends up stuck between a rock and a hard place while trying to write a romance novel in the ya department...

All of this to say, that i thought it was a "little" strange and preachy the whole marriage thing (the conversation and the actual deal) after they had sex.
A little like: You see kids? You had sex...safe sex, and now you have to get married!

That's right girls...and boys! SPOILER!! Daemon Black is officially of the market!
Now lets see if he remembers that in the next book....
What does this means?
It means another cliffhanger, with Daemon _________ ______________!!
No, i'm not going to say what happened!

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