Friday, 6 September 2013

Parasite by Mira Grant

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Okay, let's see if i can get my thoughts straight, because this was.....different!

First of all, this has all the ingredients to star as a controversial book.

The theme it develops, outlandish as it may seem, developed as it was by the author, raises a lot of questions:
_Ethical, political, medical, technological....
Time frame: Ten years from now, humans will be taking pills that introduce parasites in their organism as a way to "stay healthy". Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

But no, in Mira Grant's world, these parasites developed by three scientists, are the the first and only line of defense of peoples health. 
Health care has been revolutionized: The only thing people need in order to stay healthy are altered tapeworms inside one's body. No more drugs, no more shots, no birth control pills...nothing but a parasite. Duration validity: Two years...
What can i say so far?
Great idea....not that i would be willing to swallow some parasite pills (UGH!), but you know what i mean!

Yes, there's a but...this is quite a long book, and i'm sorry to say that it takes to long to really get to the "juicy" (Oh, image just popped in my head) parts. There's a serious case of irrelevant facts, that really clog the story (about sixty five/seventy percent of it...).

 Then the narration  moves back and forward, alternating between present day (2027) with some old reports (2015) of the scientists that allowed the intestinal bodyguard or Implant to be developed. For me, this type of narration didn't help the fluidity of the story (along with some medical terms). In fact, the beginning requires a little of re-reading to get into it....or maybe i'm just not used to Mira Grant's writing style. (I admit i was expecting something along the lines of Seanan Mguire...i know, i'm insane!)

The main characters come of as nice people (most of them) but not very interesting, i'm afraid.  Although i can't help feeling that that was intentional, as a way to force the readers into the actual plot: parasites, parasites...
Luckily in the last thirty per cent of the story, they improve!

For the original idea, the book would get a four rating...
For the way it was developed _especially the first sixty or seventy per cent _ it would get a two or even a one star rating _during the info dumps and the many pages where nothing relevant really happens.

In fact i have to admit, that i was seriously considering not finishing this book. Like i said, the characters weren't all that interesting, the mystery didn't seem to go anywhere, and part of it wasn't all that mysterious.

Luckily i persevered, and for me, the last thirty per cent was what made this story interesting. It became more fast paced. Also, there was something that i wasn't expecting...which was good!!
To top it of, the introduction of new characters, especially Tansy made a whole lot of difference...the difference between finishing it or DNF.

Because suddenly, things take an even weirder route! Think crossbreeding....spooky crossbreeding....
It was awkward, strange, uncomfortable, alien and at times...pure and simply yucky (Yes, i'm talking about Tansy and the moment when she ______oh, i CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT!) But let me tell you, that it was shiver inducing!!!
So after a very rocky, long, and uneventful start, the book does become interesting. And you know what?
Now, i want to know how this ends....

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