Saturday, 7 September 2013

Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

 In case you're wondering....i really didn't enjoy this...

This said, this doesn't mean that i didn't enjoy the book because it was supposed to be sad...and deep...

No, i didn't enjoy it, because what was original was just too convoluted...and what wasn't original, had it's foundations on the same old cliches that abound in contemporary romance.

Problem number one: Way too much sports descriptions....maybe if i were a guy, an Eaggles fan (as if!) i would be okay with it. Not being: this was just boring and repetitive. A lot of guys screaming and bounding over sports...who cares?

Problem number two: The repetitions in Pat's speech. Who wants to be reading the same old thing? Over and over?? That doesn't make Pat deep! That makes him annoying!

 And in what way, does that have anything to do with his problem...which i would have liked, to have seen being thoroughly discussed. He doesn't have OCD...or any learning fact i don't even know what the hell he has!!
In this point, i couldn't help feeling that the author was trying to turn Pat into Harrison's Ford "Henry's" (Regarding Henry).
Also the way Tiffany deals with her husband's death, and her reactions....well, i %#&"$$%%&//&%"#!!!! please, don't try to write about it...

Problem number three: The whole Kenny G's situation...oh, please...

Problem number four: Sexism, amazingly that for such an optimistic/ easy going person, Pat is pretty harsh on some comments about Tiffany..

Problem number five: Racism, Pat only refers to his friend Danny as being black...constantly. Yes, we heard it the first time...he's very tolerant and all that....also there's the "Asiatic invasion"...
I get it. The author was trying to be didn't work. Not with Pat's "naive" voice....

So, join all the above with the normal dynamics of everyday families: abusive father, abused mother and we get..this.
I imagine that the movie was way better..but the book?
Honestly, i don't understand the hype...

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