Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Spellcast (Maggie Graham #1) by Barbara Ashford

I read this book probably more than a year ago, and i loved it. So i decided to share this little review that i wrote at the time...

A very charming story about redemption, love and friendship all wrapped up in a musical theater setting.
I love stories that can be described as dwelling on the magical realism theme, stories where the fantastic mingles with everyday life. And this one sure delivered.

I had a little trouble at the beginning of the book, with the introduction of so many characters. Some of whom took me awhile to be able to follow...but all of them were necessary and vital to this tale.

 Maggie and Rowan, were amazing characters. Not one, but two hearts of this story. Their dynamic fueled almost the whole book and i loved their magical romance.

 This is not only a story, this is a journey, about how sometimes it is possible to find your true path in life. This is that story, and the story of the people who will help you achieve it.
Can't wait to read the second "Spellcrossed".

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