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Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly

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A typical romance where boy meets girl (in Vegas), the two of them get drunk, and end up married..
In the morning, the guy (Connor) is pretty happy with the arrangement... the girl (Megan) who doesn't quite remember why she agreed to such a preposterous thing, is on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and wants nothing more than an annulment.

Here's the thing: This is well written, it has a nice flow, the characters are interesting, and basically one can read this in one sitting. It starts out funny, the characters have a pretty good chemistry... and I could go and on,  if I were a different kind of reader.

But I'm afraid I'm not the intended reader for this kind of book.

You know when you're reading a romance that's supposed to be romantic (and leave you all smiley and happy?) but instead after a while the only thing you see is a train wreck waiting to happen?
Yeah, this was it...

Relationships are hard by nature. But when an author adds some heavy emotional baggage to both the main characters, and then expects that readers to swallow the perfect neat ending, things get complicated.

I liked that the author tried to write Megan as a fairly intelligent woman caught in a strange situation and deciding to make the best of it. But I couldn't help feeling that Megan's abandonment issues were neglected in the face of Connor's expectations. He calls her a liar and a coward (because she doesn't want to go through with the marriage) disrespecting what she went through. And what does she do?
She gives in to him and the marriage she thinks he wants..
But wait, he has some issues as well, and it turns out that love isn't in the picture.
He's the kind of person capable of stop feeling whenever he wants ( the expression manipulative bastard could also be used).

Of course something happens to make him see THE TRUTH... but by then, I really couldn't care.
Problems and fears don't disappear in a few weeks. So if you want us to believe in HEA while reading these romances, better thread lightly on the drama department...
Not my cup of tea...

I just wish authors would stop writing these guys as hero material. I don't care if they're rich and good looking. They're controlling, disrespectful of others' needs, and they don't respect boundaries!
If we were talking about real life, I would say: Run!
That, and don't marry strangers...

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