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30 Day Book Challenge: Susana's Day 24 - A Book I wish more people knew about

Honestly I don't know quite what to say anymore about this story... so I'm just going to leave you with my review of it.

Entrancing, engrossing, amazing, beautiful, unforgettable...

Normally at the beginning of a review, the first thing I mention is what the book made me feel... or what I felt about the characters.

In this one I will start by the thing that I normally leave to the end: the writing.... it was so, SO BEAUTIFUL! The characters and feelings were perfectly portrayed. There was no exaggeration of style, only raw feelings... one could feel how much they were hurting, one could feel the longing, and the sadness, and the hope.

A beautiful romance, about two people that had to make choices, and consequently had to go on with their lives in the absence of one another. Because sometimes love isn't enough.

From all the classics that I've read, Jane Austen's "Persuasion" is one of my all time favorites. In fact with time, I've come to appreciate it even more so than "Pride and Prejudice". The story of a love that time itself isn't able to fade away, the story of a couple whose hearts won't let them forget one another, isn't easily forgotten... luckily for me, the same happened with this story.

But this one, isn't only a "Persuasion" re-telling. In fact it is so much more than that...
In this dystopia, that takes places in a distant future _ Î'm guessing here _ technology is seen as the ultimate sin.
In fact, throughout the book, we can see the struggle between the conservative ways, upheld by the "Luddites", and the progressive ones defended by the "Posts", or "COR- children of reduction".

You see, a long time ago, genetics wanted to take God's place. But something went wrong, and the keepers of that knowledge preferred to destroy it alongside with their minds, instead of sharing it with others. That's when the event called "The reduction" took place. And that's when the "reduced" appeared. Now we have a social class that barely speaks and for whom "the Luddites" _ known as saviors of humankind, since they never adhered to the profane ways of genetic _ will be responsible for.

But what if that situation is reversible? What if "the reduced" are slowly recovering? Not in years, but in generations? Will the "luddites" allow them their freedom, or will they keep them as a little more than slaves?

Progress can lead to disaster, but it can also lead to salvation. In the end, it doesn't matter how many turns it takes, how many dead ends and disasters it causes, because progress, like a phoenix will always rise from its ashes. It can never stay dead and buried.

Elliot, was outstanding in her strength and convictions. And so was Kai, a character bigger than life...

To finish, I will just say that I loved reading the letters that these two exchanged in the past. Great idea. That allowed us glimpses of their lifes, without being too much....

Truly a great story.
I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

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