Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Summer to Remember ( Bedwyn Prequels #2) by Mary Balogh

Although this is only the third book I've read by this author, I think I may be in the clear when I say that there are certain things one can expect from a Mary Balogh story:

_ No insta love, the characters do have brains and are acquainted with how to use them. Shocking as it may seem..

_First comes friendship, then comes love.... I can't tell you how much it pleases me to see two grown people behaving as adults. You know, talking and getting to know one another, before becoming instantly smitten: Oh, his sparkly eyes fulminated my poor beating heart!!! *faint* "Oh, the pure whiteness of her pearl teeth encased me on a pure white light!"

_Just because a character is portrayed in a more quiet way, that doesn't mean that person cannot have depth... or that he/she isn't interesting! 

_No growly/stubborn/ unbearable alpha males... lately, every time an idiot of this kind makes an appearance on a book I feel inclined to bash him in the head... to say the least. Kit was no such thing. 

_No angsty tale... like I mentioned earlier they behave like adults. Kit and Lauren know what they're getting themselves into. If you want big dramas, you won't find them here.

_Interesting characters... Lauren may not be some dashing/brilliant young lady who dazzles with her feminist traits (Behold, all you conservative people! While I  leave the house in trousers, because they're so much more comfortable that the patriarchal fashion that you narrow minded people want to force upon my body!! Oh, wait..there's someone like this in the book, her name is Freyja, and I pretty much wanted to see her slip on a pile of manure... just saying!),

No, the author tries to portray Lauren as someone representative of her time. She is calm, self possessed, aware of her place... I imagine there will be readers that will find her boring. For my part, I liked her and wouldn't mind being friends with her... of course if I were, I would be punching Freyja on her big nose!

_Emotional baggage...both Kit and Lauren have it, and they do behave accordingly. 

_ The romance... it was sweet, and captivating, featuring two _apparently_ completely different people, but that somehow end up being perfect for one another.

If you're in the mood for some sweet historical romance, you might want to give this one a try.

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