Friday, 11 October 2013

Hard to Handle by Jessica Lemmon

Arc provided by netgalley

So... once in a while I decide to tempt fate (or should I say my patience) and stray a little from my usual/favorites reading genres.
Sometimes it works, and I'm pleasantly surprised... unfortunately, most of the times I get a few more lines on my face, due to the amount of:
"Oh no, you didn't say that!"
"Really, that's supposed to be sexy??"
"You're an Idiot, for crissakes!!"
"Correction: Both of you are idiots!"
"Could you two, be possibly more cliched?"
"How old are you people? Fifteen??"
"Oh, my God, why am i reading this ya soap opera??"

*because you requested it...* through netgalley

I'm gonna  start by saying that I really hate leaving books unfinished. But, I believe it's better if I stop reading it now because this story and I CLEARLY weren't made for one another, and in such cases it's best to end the relationship as quickly and painlessly as possible...

To summarise the thing, let me just say that this wasn't what I had in mind when I requested it after reading the book synopsis.
 First of all, I was hoping to see characters behaving like adults and not like some emo young adults.

Then I'm not the type of reader who likes to be fed cheesy lines, and every time an author tries to force me to like a character, by saying something along the lines of:
"_See?? He's so good and kind!!"
"_He helped his ailing mother with cancer! You have to like him!"
"_See? He was a rich guy, but since he was such a good person he gave his B***Y ex-wife everything she wanted, and now he's broke!"

I hate it!
Stop trying to force me to like him! Or her (the one that her husband/boyfriend left for her classy sister)! I don't like soap operas.

So I'm just going to provide some quotes on why it's better that "we" get an annulment on this situation:

"Minx on the outside, lamb on the inside."

You know what pops in my head when I read this?
Roast beef... and I'm not even food obsessed!!

"Going through a woman's purse was a lot like sticking a hand in the garbage disposal."

Wow! This is incredibly....offensive. And it was written by someone who supposedly wears something of the sort...
My purse may _at times _ be a little messy... but garbage disposal it IS NOT!

This was the side of Sadie people didn't see. Her modest side. Everyone assumed they knew her _with her litany of first dates and explosive personality, Sadie was mistaken as confident and outgoing. While she was both of those things. She was also modest, careful. Fragile.

What a bunch of....cliches!!

He licked dry lips. Good Lord. Sadie, though petite had curves that turned women's and men's heads. Her narrow shoulders give way to a swell of ample breasts before diving inward to her slender waist, and out again to allow for rounded hips."

I'm surprised the homosexual and lesbian community weren't included... since apparently NO ONE can resist her!

And for the pièce de résistance... voilà:
Aiden closed the cover on the proposal. "I'll sign it". Sadie's shoulders dropped an inch. He could tell himself to stop there, not to say another word. But in the end he couldn't help but add, "Under one condition."
Sadie tensed.
Aiden smiled."Go out on a date with me."

That's sexual harassment.

People can argue as much as they want: Hey, they know each other! They used to go out! He's kidding!

I don't care.
DNF at 30%.

If this doesn't bother you, you should give it a try. Maybe you'll enjoy it.

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