Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Spellcrossed by Barbara Ashford

Through all the books that I've read, there will always be characters, and stories, that will remain as my all time favourites.

The first book of this series is one of those.

I loved the characters, and the ambience of these two stories, even if they, at times, left me a little confused about certain plays that are referred in these two stories, since I'm not a theatre connoisseur. (not even close... I'm afraid)

But the sense of wonder and magic in which that book is infused, was so amazing, that I couldn't help disregarding those parts, and just wanting more.
And the reason why lies mainly at one character's feet.

Barbara Ashford created a most amazing character, and after all the stories that I've read, I'm fortunate to say, as a reader, that Rowan Mckenzie is one of a kind. The magic that he brought to "Spellcast" was completely enthralling and unforgettable...

Which is the reason why I had a little trouble with this book.
 After the way the first book ended I didn't know very well what to expect of this one. But I sure didn't expect what ends up occurring...

I will only say, in an attempt to avoid spoilers, that I wasn't expecting that the introduction of a new character would steal the spotlight of a relationship in which I was really interested in reading about.

 Also Maggie's attitudes at times really got on my nerves, leaving me to wonder if she was really being portrayed as a thirty four year old woman or instead as an insecure teenager...

As had happened with the first one, I loved reading about all the staff members. In this one, I especially loved Mei-Yin's OUTBURSTS!

 I loved reading about the way Maggie and Janet's relationship developed itself, as well as all the others. So what is the lesson to be taken from this story?
That the past never leaves us? That there isn't only one type of family? That there's a moment when caution is thrown to the wind, and all one can do, is to follow one's heart?
 Probably all of them.
Trying to live the best we can while we secretly keep hoping for a sign of magic in our lifes.
The magic of friendship, the magic of family, the magic of love.

P.S. - So I may have, at some point in the past, said some idiotic things regarding this series... such as: this is so good, I really hope the writer leaves this series as it is... *trying to find a hole in which to throw myself*
I just want to say: I'M A BLOODY IDIOT!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!
At this point, I don't even care if there will be some unexpected trips to Fairyland!!

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