Saturday, 2 November 2013

30 Day Book Challenge - Susana's Day 27 - The Most surprising Plot Twist Or Ending

Okay, by most surprising ending, I think I would have to go with a book by Sophie Hannah:

It's a thriller, where a mother is faced with her baby daughter's disappearance... you see, she leaves the baby wiht the father, and when she comes home, it's: That is not my child!!
It was scary, creepy and there was a time I wanted to kill the guy... the ending, like I said, was a complete surprise...
If am interested in re-reading it?
Not really, because I already know what happens! ;)

Then there's also these two books:

Well, i was loving Carolyn Turgeon book until the very last pages...basically, up until the WTH moment!

This was the very first book, that made me think about scheduling an appointment with a shrink to see if i got someone with enough credentials interested in analyzing the existence (or nor) of characters with severely mental issues in the book!!
Why, why??? Why, would you do that??
If someone happens to have read this, PLEASE share your thoughts with me!! o.O
If you haven't, take my warning, do not be fooled by the cover....

Another book, whose plot could use a thorough so many levels....
Where did the guy appear from?
He's whom????

Most surprising plot twists... well, there's also these two books:

Innocent in death, by J. D. Robb has a plot that is going to give you, nightmares!
It's twisted, and unbelievable, because no one expects evil to live inside ___________ !
Sorry! But I simply cannot tell you about it, without ruining the story !!
Although this volume is one of the most recent ones in the "In Death" series, you can still read it even if you haven't read the previous ones...
Besides the plot, in this book the main characters, the couple Eve and Roarke, will also face some turmoil in their relationship.
Honestly, these two were trying to break my heart in this book.

Then there's this book:

And why does it have one of the most surprising plot twists in fiction?
Because... well, imagine a quest... imagine some heroes... and then practically at the end  of the quest imagine same heroes giving up on the thing they were looking for all along!!

"It's not true, Darri. The Guardian lied.(..)"
"You don't know that," Darri said. "You're just afraid to hope. Don't you see, Callie? This could change everything (..)"
And if we all just vanish instead?(..)"

Yes, something else could happen... but I wanted some conclusion!!

"It was over. Every step she had taken, from the moment in the plains when she mounted her horse and turned east, had been for this: to save Callie. (..)"

I was not a happy reader by the end of the book...that "it was over" just felt incomplete to me.

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  1. I love surprising plot twists! Going to add these to my TBR pile :)


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