Sunday, 10 November 2013

30 Day Book Challenge : Susana's Day 29 - A Book everyone hated, but which I liked (as in past tense)

Well, I don't know if everyone hates it... or hated it.
I know the opinions about it are controversial, to say the least.

I read Twilight's first edition when it was translated in Portugal. And back then I think it passed mostly unnoticed.
And you know what?
When I read it for that very first time, I really liked it.  O_O

It was different from anything I had ever read (literary depressive things in which most of the characters ended up DEAD!)...and not being a horror fan (blood and gore not being my thing), until then I had stayed away from Anne Rice's vampire stories...

By comparison, sparkling vampires, seemed much more interesting... and tamable...*cough*
 And lets face it! I couldn't resist that cover...

When I read the second one, things started going downhill. 

Fact is, I couldn't care less about the love triangle, or the way Bella was acting like a brainless idiot. 


Since I only liked the last part of the second one (don't ask me its title), of course I had to go and buy the third one... and for a brief period of time I thought that IT was going to be the last one in the series...

As we all know, it wasn't...
So, third book in the series... well that "story" (endless repeated story that it was) _for me _ was so bad that I had to skim it. And that was it for me. No more twilight books... ever!!

So yes, I confess that for some time I liked Twilight. 
I was a lot younger, and naive.

But for all its negative aspects:
_Insta Love,

_ Creepy vampire guy who isn't familiar with the concept of LIMITS/PRIVACY/GET AWAY FROM MY ROOM YOU PSYCHO!!
_Girl with no backbone of whatsoever who decides to throw away HER LIFE... because, hello, death is so appealing...

_Who do I want to be when I grow up?? Huh, I know: EDWARD'S WIFE!!!

It also had a positive aspect:
 Twilight inspired a whole new trend of paranormal /supernatural, and all that is weird and pointy living in our book pages. And our minds...

Is it always good?
Of course not.
But it gave us more choices on what to read.
We just have to find the right ones! ;)

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