Friday, 22 November 2013

A Rake's Guide To Seduction ( Reece Trilogy #3) by Caroline Linden

This was such a beautiful romance, with the most adorable _ sorry, but I have to use this word :) _ hero!

 Anthony Hamilton is absolutely marvellous in this book. In fact I think I'm a little infatuated with him ;) which explains why  I couldn't let go of this story until the very last page. Which happened to occur at half past three in the morning (surely the sign of an entrancing story...).

Anthony, our main character,  hasn't had an easy life. Although he's the son of an Earl he ended up all by himself at the age of fifteen, after been kicked out by his mean ogre of a father.

Born ten years after his parents got married, his father, the abominable earl, treats him like a bastard son.

 Fortunately for Anthony, he has an amazing mind, which allows him to be completely invincible at cards and as so, able to keep destitution at bay.

However this is not enough for him. He wants to win on his own, and to show his excuse of a father how far he can go all on his own.
So he starts making investments as well as playing the Change. Young and fearless, he starts gaining a reputation. Most of the time the money that he receives to invest is from women, most of whom, he gets involved with.

Enter the Reece family...
He has known Celia Reece since she was little. As an old friend of David's, (main character in the second book) Anthony ended up finding in the Reece household some semblance of family.

That is, until the dowager Duchess, Celia's mother, stops allowing his visits on the basis of his reputation.
Poor Anthony...

Celia is a sunny, cheerful girl of eighteen who is enjoying her first season in London. Considered the "belle" of the season, she's surrounded by a multitude of suitors.
When she re-encounters Anthony, it's like meeting an old dear friend. And sometimes she cannot help but wonder about him... but life isn't a fairy tale, and sometimes things don't turn out the way one hopes.

Now four years later, Celia is a shadow of herself. Widowed, she returns to her family's estate where her mother hopes she will return to her old self. A house party is assembled and friends of Celia are invited in the hopes of drawing her out.

Anthony is one of those guests.... and not soon after, Anthony finds himself trying to help Celia out of her depression. But trying to help Celia, means baring his heart and soul.

What happens next is a sweet romance between two characters perfectly drawn by Caroline Linden's hand.
All in all, the Reece Family is a pretty good series. I loved the first one _not so much the second _ and this one, was another winner.

So... for those of you who are tired of Neanderthal rakes, whom you just wish to pummel with a shovel, this is just the book for you! :)

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