Wednesday, 27 November 2013

As You Wish by Eloisa James

Regarding the short "Seduced by a Pirate", well I pretty much loved reading it!

It was funny, a little insane, pretty much Eloisa James' writing at her best: making me believe and smile at improbable plots and characters bigger than life.

Because a husband who leaves his wife on his wedding night, embarrassed to death with his incapacity *cough* to perform. A husband who ends up being kidnapped, placed on a boat and who goes missing for FOURTEEN YEARS, cannot expect  a happy ending! Unless of course he's on an Eloisa James book!

And then there's the faux pas with his wife's name!! LOL
That was perfectly amusing!
4 star rating

Then there's the Story "With This Kiss". Part one, two and three.

With This Kiss - Part One

Well, this was pretty much perfection. It was more realistic and plausibly written. Due to the characters mostly behaving according to the time period they were living.
It had depth and soul.
4.5 stars

With This Kiss - Part Two

It started out good, but then the disaster occurred.
The main character, Grace, who up until now had behaved in a most sensible and reasonable way, decides to undergo a total transformation, and behave like only someone in our century could!!

The conversation with her mother goes something along these line:


GRACE: "Oh mama, Colin is hurt and, as so, I must abandon my fiancée, despise all social conventions, and accompany my wounded LOVE to our house in the country, where I will seduce him!"
THE COUNTESS: "Oh daughter of mine, do not use that word...but okay!! I will delay your father with our earth shattering love making so that he doesn't notice that his oldest daughter is about to become ruined!"

~a little later on the coach...~

COLIN: "Oh, where am I? Grace, Grace is that you? I know I never paid the least attention to you, but then suddenly I discovered that I LOVED you! But then I became blind!! Oh tragedy!! And now I can only see you in erotic dreams... hello, what is this?
Ah, here you are love of my life!! Now I will have my way with you!!"
*rips her clothes of*  
COLIN: "Wow this is very realistic dream"  
*proceeds to debauch her*
*goes to sleep*

Meanwhile Grace, who is not a virgin anymore... o_O

GRACE: "What the hell? I'm not gonna touch that!" Says our recently deflowered heroine, looking at the sleeping man with the trousers wide open... and a certain item not on it's best appearance... o_O

What more can I say...
Is this supposed to be sexy? Romantic? For me it wasn't.
1 star rating

With His Kiss - Part Three

Honestly, I can't even remember it anymore... but it wasn't as bad as the previous one.
2 star rating

What a disappointment.
Even so, the author is one of my favourites and, normally, I just love her stories!! This one _and another one _ being the exception! So, I'll definitely continue reading her stories!

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