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Blood On The Bayou by Stacey Jay

In this second instalment of the series, once again Annabelle Lee gets caught in a difficult situation.

But through all the complications that Annabelle will have to face, there's the very desired character development that we readers all wish for! For those of you who have read the first book, you know what I'm talking about! (And if you haven't, what are you waiting for??)

 In this one I'm happy to say that Annabelle starts making a few changes in her life style. Less pills, less alcohol.

Complicating her life, let's say her fight with the fairies takes a whole new level...

Her magical powers mark her as a target.

And there's the fact that she's being stalked by one strong fairy who's determined to have her killed!!

A new sub-species may also be on the horizon, and the Big Man continues a danger...

You think this is too much for just one character to face?
Well, now add some romantic problems!

Introducing a new geometrical figure to the world of romance:


Yes, you know how in some books there's the love triangle scene? ( like, the first one in this series?? lol)

Well in this one we have, a quadrangle or rectangle, whatever you want!

 Annabelle plus Cane _ the current boyfriend for about two years now _ plus Hitch, the ex-boyfriend, plus Tucker the mysterious and at times invisible man, equals a big interesting mess. :)

That's right! I liked it, as if the four star rating isn't obvious enough...

And Annabelle does love a "mess" _ you have to read it to figure this out :)

 Cane has called a time out on their relationship.

 Hitch asks for her help.

And Tucker... well, Tucker is Tucker.

So in the previous book I was a little divided between Cane and Hitch.
I'm happy to say... not anymore!

I've developed a real strong dislike for Hitch. He's got a fiancée _ who he at times calls wife _ who's pregnant with his child, but that doesn't stop him from telling Annabelle that he still loves her.
Several times!! You scoundrel!!

 And Annabelle being the soft-hearted "mess" that she is, can't help but be affected.
 Because she still likes him. Or better yet, the girl that she used to be, is still in love with the boy that he used to be...

Then Cane, who in this book just isn't that strong of a character for me to root for, also loses his vantage points. Sorry!

 He's honest, _ maybe _ wants to get married to Annabelle and to have kids with that one.
 And he calls her Lee Lee (lol). Can I just say that i hate nicknames?

 He'll do anything for his family, but he doesn't seem to truly trust in Annabelle. And I can't help feeling that he wishes to transform her into someone she isn't. Bottom line, he needs to have his umbilical chord cut!!
You're a big boy... GROW UP!

And then there's Tucker... I love Tucker!

 He's mysterious (I know it's a cliché, but he wears it so well!) he's charming and strangely enough he's there for Annabelle when she needs help.

Even when she can't see him... yes, he has a tinny little bit of a stalker in him... STOP THAT!
 Even so, he's leading the show.

Then we have Annabelle's "friends"... who have nicknamed  her as "slut" and "mess"....
Can I just say how strongly I dislike them?

You poor girl! You really need some new friends!! I can be your friend!! We can email each other! ;)

Approaching the end, Annabelle Lee ends up recognizing how some relationships aren't healthy, or just not what she really needs. So for once,  she doesn't take the easy way out.

A great book, with a great heroine, and a really compelling story. 

Oh, and can I just say how much I wish a certain scene had been "placed" in this book??!!
Yes, the one with Tucker!!
Maybe in a future short? ;)

Bottom Line:
Can't wait to read the next one.
There's going to be a next one, right? *makes puppy eyes*

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