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Heart Of Obsidian by Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling #12)


Confession time:

I managed the difficult task of not reading spoilers about this book, even after all this time!!

The book that would reveal the mysterious identity of the Ghost....well, not that mysterious for those of us who have been reading this series from day one, I guess. But even so, the book had the difficult task of elevating a member of the psy to the status of one of the changeling "rock stars" (lol) such as Lucas, Hawke... RILEY!!

The one thing I did not know, was whom Nalini Singh would give us as Kaleb's partner. I confess, I didn't see this Sahara "coming".

There's nothing I can point against the author's writing style. It's richly flavoured as always. Nalini Singh is really a word gourmet :)

The problem with on-going series is probably how to maintain its readers interested in them.
We all know that there are always going to be some books that will get more feedback and more attention than others.
This was one of them. The book of the dangerous and most likely psychotic Kaleb Krycheck

I have been an avid psy-changeling reader since I read Lucas and Sasha's book (which, by the way, I still love!).

 In fact I've pretty much loved almost all the books in this series. Some more than others, of course, unfortunately this isn't one of those cases...

I've read so many books in my life that now-days I need something more than your average plot!

And the problem _for me of course _ with this psy-changeling series, is that its formula isn't changing and innovating itself.

Here's how it normally goes:
Emotionally damaged... being, seeks... over protective mate, who will growl at her, while repeatedly claiming: "MINE!"

Change the names, and their races, and lately it seems everything is pretty much the same.

The problem with this one, is that creating a very damaged female leading character, and expecting some of us readers to believe in the power of love (and a very obsessive one) as a remedy for everything, is pushing it.

Seven years of captivity.
Seven years of brutality.
One very emotionally damaged psyche.
That cannot be solved in one or two days.

I don't care if she's psy, or what powers she has _was I the only one who felt that they should have been more developed _? It was all too quick.

Too quick, just like everything in paranormal romance tends to be.
I'm afraid that these last two books in the series didn't deliver a more solid plot in the UF scenario, as Kiss of Snow seemed to promise.

As it is, Heart of Obsidian could have had a stronger plot if it hadn't been so focused on the romance department. Or, at least, if this one had been dealt in another way.

In the end I guess it will depend on which type of reader you are.
Do you want a strong urban fantasy plot with your romance? Or a paranormal romance oriented type of story?
For myself, I prefer the first type.

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