Saturday, 23 November 2013

Redemption (Soul #1) by C. J. Barry

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Where to start....
Well, at the moment I'm pretty much on a urban fantasy phase, so this seemed right up my alley.
And it was!
The Writing (it deserves a capital W) was pretty much perfect. Crisp and engaging, it kept me a happy reader.
The characters, Reya is a perfect leading character. For a Soul Redeemer she has a perfect balance of humanity with "don't mess with me, you schmuck" attitude.

Regarding Thane, I felt as if he was perfectly drawn. He's a messed up character. Not very trustworthy, with his own agenda.

Then there's the plot... of urban fantasy... with paranormal romance... and sci-fi??

Okay, it worked... mostly. And I liked it so much for the first half of it, that I was considering giving it a four star rating.

Mixing some metaphysical ideas in this UF scenario was a pretty brave thing to do. Supposedly us humans (as souls) choose the role we want to "play" here on earth in order to learn. Nothing I haven't heard before, but this is probably the first time I read it developed in a story.

But then _I'm sorry _ I felt as if the author went a little overboard with all that was happening. Truly, the makings of a great imagination! But there was too much happening at the same time: Soul Redeemers, Legacy's... Atlantis!!

I don't know why this happens but every time the name Atlantis is thrown into a plot, my concentration _just like the mythical place _ starts to vanish! It's weird I know! I read about werewolves, but I can't deal with Atlantis?!!

And then there was magical crystals and staffs (and I started imagining Sailor Moon with her magical scepter and powers!) and then there was the lost pyramid thing (I had an Indiana Jones phase... Dirk Pitt not so much), and I was a little: Okayyyy.....

SO... if all of a sudden a unicorn were to appear, I wouldn't be surprised!
It was a little too much!!!

But the bad guy was truly evil. His plan was very "Machiavelli" and intelligent! So bonus points for that!
The ending... I liked how it "ended" ( a little code for those who have read it ;) down at the pyramid.

The romance part... well, I liked how it was played. It never overwhelmed the plot, and the characters had good chemistry.

And like I previously said, great writing and engaging characters, this means I'm very much interested in reading the next one.

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