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What are your FIVE favourite 2013 books?


May I choose 20 books instead? o_O
Twenty's not much... ten maybe?
Because making me choose FIVE BOOKS that's just mean, Book Depository!!

Mixing Historical romance with fantasy in a compelling combination of mythology, Death, and romance in a Winter Frost scenario, there's:
Vera Nazarian "Cobweb Bride"
The second book "Cobweb Empire" is already available, and the third one "Cobweb Forest" will be out on the 25th of December!! (Click here for our full review of Cobweb Bride!)

"Under The Never Sky series" by Veronica Rossi
This compelling dystopia has proved to have one of the strongest plots and characters that emerged after the Hunger Games phenomenon. (Click here for my full reviews of this series!)

Mixing fantasy with a contemporary setting, ancient lore, intelligent dialogues as well as peculiar, quirky, sarcastic, and prone to naps characters! There's Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan:

Second book in the Lynburn Legacies, Sarah Rees Brennan gives us a kick ass book, with a kiss ass character, who definitely knows how to hold her own, a well as the english language!
So, if you're like me, sometimes a little reticent in reading a YA book, because... I'm too old!
Forget all about those crazy notions! A good book is ageless! (Click here for our full review of this book!)

For those of you, you have followed this blog, I'm sure this will not come as a surprise!
I love, absolutely love The October Daye series! I love the amazing world building, all of its characters, and the slow built romance!!
So of course the most recent installment in the series, will have to be included in this list:

Long live October, Tybalt, May and all the gang!
I would like to include Seanan Mcguire's other fantasy series "Incryptid". But i don't have enough space!!
But be as it may, LONG LIVE THE AESLIN MICE!! They're the cutest mice ever to have walked a book plot!
No I'm not crazy... go read the books! (Click here for my full reviews of this book!)

There's another series that I've started this year (the positives of only discovering series when they're just about done is that I got to read eight books pretty much in a row!). 
C.E. Murphy's "Walker papers" got me with her strong heroine, original plots that mix UF with shamanism.
Then the romance between Joanne and Morrison... oh, boy those two *face palm* were about to give me a heart attack! 
Sometimes the shamanism part could be a little... less present, the characters less obtuse, but even so I'm crazy about them. My favorites in the series got to be the first one, and the most recent:
            Buy it @ The Book Depository

Then there were Stacia Kane's shorts that were released this year!
Marissa Meyer "Scarlet"!!
Lani Lenore "Roses and Black Glass"!!
Jenn Bennett's latest installment in her Arcadia Bell series!
And I still haven't read quite a number of books that were released this year, and which I bet I'm just gonna love!!
This is worse than telling someone to choose which of their kids are their favorite!!!


I share quite a few of Susana's favourites for this year, which is unfair because there are so many amazing books left out...

Here are my 5 favourites (by author's last name, I couldn't make these books compete with each other):

Claire Legrand's The Year of Shadows

I've been a fan of Legrand's work since The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls and her delightful and unforgettable Victoria, a very prim and proper young girl, who seeks excellence above all and despairs when things don't meet her very exacting standards.
In The Year of Shadows Olivia is a very different girl from Victoria, but just as delightful to read. The story is darker and, to be perfectly honest, left me in tears several times. But it's SO good! (Click here for my full review of The Year of Shadows!)

Demitria Lunetta's In The After

 Buy it @ The Book Depository!
So many YA dystopias, so little time! The Hunger Games really did a number on the publishing industry... But if there is one YA dystopia from 2013 you simply cannot miss then that is In The After.
Most YA dystopias focus on brave feats of a beautiful heroine with a harem of hunks lusting after her, or professing their undying love for her, whichever. In The After did something I thought was absolutely genius! Amy, the main character, is at home watching tv when civilization breaks down. There are strange creatures roaming around outside. Creatures attracted by the quietest noise. Creatures that feast on human flesh.
There are no dreamy boys keeping Amy company. Amy is completely alone, living in silence, locked in her house, behind its electrified gates. That is until she goes out foraging and finds... no, not a dreamy guy! A baby girl. A toddler, to be more precise.
So it's Amy and Baby, now, alone and silent, growing up together as sisters in the horribly bleak remains of the world. And that, more than any romantic relationship depicted in other books, managed to touch me deeply. (Click here for my full review of In The After!)

T.L. Morganfield's The Bone Flower Throne
 Buy it @ The Book Depository!
This book is not for everyone. Even I had trouble with it. There are many subjects it approaches that make me incredibly uncomfortable, rape, gore, incest! It's difficult to set this aside, to step out of your comfort zone as a reader and enjoy this book for what it has to offer: an incredible journey through Aztec mythology.
So, trigger warnings out for just about everything, but if you can stomach it, it's well worth the read!

Vera Nazarian's Cobweb Bride
I am absolutely in love with the world Vera Nazarian crafted in this series: a Renaissance realm in which Death ceased to take the dead into his kingdom until his Cobweb Bride is returned to him. So across the realm thousands of girls roam through wintry paths in search of Death's Keep, to see if they are his fabled bride. Among them is Percy, who wishes to put her dying grandmother to rest and joins a group of girls in search of their macabre groom. But a Black Knight seems to be trying to put a stop to their enterprise... among many others whose stories are intertwined and rivetingly told in this series. (Click here for our full review of Cobweb Bride!)

 Sarah Rees Brennan's Untold
 Susana has already sung its praises and I'll let you just Click for our Review of Untold, to know our full thoughts on it. Because excellent though this book may be, I'm going to take this moment to thank someone who did me a favour and I have hardly acknowledged their "sacrifice".
You see, Sarah Rees Brennan issued a contest to win an arc of this book and my cat Erin managed to win it! Of course, Erin cannot read, but I am very thankful to her (and of course to SRB). So here it is, the winning entry:

And of course, Erin's grateful reply after receiving the book!

So, here are a few of our favourites from 2013! What are yours?

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