Saturday, 14 December 2013

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

I must confess to being a great enthusiast of the Kate Daniels and The Edge series written by this couple.
I just recently (less than two years ago) started reading them, and they have been quite an enjoyment to read.
In fact, the Kate Daniels series was one of the series that got me hooked into urban fantasy.
My thanks to the authors :)

But let's talk about this book that started out quite differently from the previous books. A serialized format, it now sees the light of day as a full length book.

There's two things that are connected to the authors writing style, no matter what series were talking about:
_Kick ass action scenes,
_Monsters... yes, in the Ilona Andrews worlds (yes, as in plural) there are plenty of these terrifying beasts. I kid you not, the monsters in these books are the stuff dreams are made of!
For fans of monsters of course...

This one is no exception.

The setting:
I loved the setting in which most of the action takes place.  How cool is the idea of an almost sentient house?
One has a sense of magic with a dash of mission impossible style to it!

The characters:
I liked Dina, the innkeeper with her magical multi-task broom (every woman should carry one!)... you'll see what I mean when you read it!
I liked her intergalactic psychotic guest! Honestly there's nothing like a villain with a sense of humour... well ex-villain...
Then there's Sean, the "Curran Wanna Be". He's tamer than our Beast Lord, but give him some years and he'll be as impossible as Curran.
I particularly liked the parts where he got his ass kicked... by Dina'a little Beast (dog)!

Then there's Arland, the vampire, who is not like the vampires in the Kate Daniels world.
I guess the love triangle will be in full throttle in the next books... lovely ~not~.
 There was this "funny" comment, on how vampires beat werewolfes when it comes to getting the girl...

Well,this turned out to be twenty percent urban fantasy, with an eighty percent info dumping on science fiction. There were a lot of a terms being dumped all around, in the science fiction department.
I don't know if the problem was mine _ since normally the more complicated the better for me _ but I couldn't get into this book.
I like the idea behind it. The house as a character, the Dog! The magical broom!
But hopefully the characters, and the plot, will be more developed and more interesting in the next volumes.
Another series to follow.

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