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Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

This is a book I read more than a year ago. And this is the review I wrote at the time.
I thought I should share it with you guys :)

"—Ardagh 1, more commonly referred to as “the ghost planet” by people on Earth. Inexplicable things happened here. The planet itself was a study in the impossible."

Well, I've just finished reading this story, and I have a big stupid smile on my face! :)

This story's strongest point?

The originality of it. 
The story takes places in Ardagh 1, a Planet which is basically similar to Earth, but not suffering the signs of advanced pollution. There it has been established a Global Recovery Pact and the planet is thriving. 

 All would be perfect, if not for one small detail

For every single person (colonists) that arrives on Ardagh, a ghost/alien of his/her past will appear: a dead wife, a lost husband, someone who made such an impression on you that hasn't been forgotten... that kind of thing.

To preserve people's sanity, a protocol has been established "The Ghost Protocol". This means that the ghosts (who are very much corporeal, but who share a bond with the colonists) must be ignored at all cost. It's like they aren't even there, a shadow who must follow the other person, like a dog on a leash, or he/she will suffer a great amount of pain.

But what if Ardagh, is made of more than earth and water. What if the planet is sentient?
What if it recognizes what one needs, and helps provide it?
By denying the ghost connection the planet's stability has been put at risk, and everything will have to change.

Elizabeth Cole has just arrived to Ardagh in the hopes of a new challenge in her career. As a psychologist, she intends to study the bond between the two entities. In fact she is fascinated by the alien/ghosts' connection.

However, everything will change when she finds out that,  (BIG, BIG SPOILER although once you've read the synopsis it's mostly a done deal),  she has died, and is now a ghost, Murphy's ghost. When to that, one adds the connection that she now has with her "would be" supervisor, problems are bound to arise.

Grayson Murphy, is the lead psychologist, who created the "The Ghost Protocol". He did it with the utmost desire of helping colonists deal with the appearance of talking/living "ghosts" of their pasts.

But everything will change when Elizabeth appears, disrupting everything he had assumed as being correct.

Who has the right to say that something isn't human, that he or she isn't entitled to feelings and to be treated with respect? Just because one doesn't understand it?

The characters were pretty well developed. The idea of a sentient planet was amazing, as was the main characters' intense connection...

There's nothing better for me to read than an interesting story....
Well, if it is some sort of romance, so much the better!

And this one sure provides on both accounts. :)  

I guess I would have liked it more if, from a certain point, the story hadn't felt so paranormal romance oriented, you know?

Using an expression that I read in a Nora Roberts book, there were times when these two behaved a little like two teenage rabbits... in heat!! I'm not complaining (well, just a little... because sometimes it just felt too much), I just think that the story really didn't it!
 It was strong as a sci-fi story (it could have been stronger), it didn't need to enter into full paranormal romance. lol :)
In fact I wouldn't have minded if their relationship had taken a little longer to develop itself, and a stronger explanation on why they were paired would have been nice....

But all considered, it was really an interesting story, with likeable characters, and I'll be sure to read more books from this author.

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