Thursday, 12 December 2013

Green Angel by Alice Hoffman

As is it is with all Alice Hoffman stories, this was beautifully written.
Each and every phrase pure poetry on its own, that I honestly find myself lacking the proper words to describe how much I liked it.
Liked is just too insignificant a word... I guess it became part of me, as only the greatest stories; the ones that truly touch our hearts, are capable of doing. If we let them...

For me, this author is outstanding in this genre. She weaves the saddest, most heartbreaking stories in perfect tapestries, made of memories and ghosts, tears and love.

This is the story of fifteen year old Green. The elder daughter, the quiet daughter...

I was the least among them, nothing special, just a girl. I was a moody, dark weed; still, they
called me Green because of my talents in the garden

When her sister and parents are killed, Green's starts to disappear beneath the cover of thorns...

 One night when the sky was ash-coloured, I went into the ruined garden and clipped the thorns from the bare rosebushes, then sewed them to my clothes, one by one, until my fingers bled. Now I was ready to feel nothing. I was protected from feeling anything at all.

and tattoos...

"I didn't deserve anything, not food to ease my hunger or water to ease my thirst.(..) That was when I took a pin and some black ink. I began to mark my arm. I outlined a raven, and then a bat, then a rose that looked like a flower found at the end of the world. That's who I was now without my mother and my father and my moonlit sister. Blood and ink.
Darkness where before there had been patience, black where there'd once been green."

...which she starts using as a sort of armour against the world, even against herself.

 After a while Green starts to make place for Ash. A girl who lives among ashes and pain... a girl whose own sight becomes cloudy...

This is a story about surviving grief.

An evocative, quirky, sad little story, sprinkled with bits of wisdom as just Alice Hoffman is capable of doing.
Somehow I still haven't managed the time to finish the last part of this story, entitled "Green Witch". If you want to, you can read both stories in a single book: Green Heart.

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