Thursday, 26 December 2013

How The Marquess Met His Match (American Heiress in London #1) by Laura Lee Guhrke

This will be a somewhat smallish post, because honestly I don't have much to say about this book...

I may confess however, that Laura Lee Guhrke's books are on my auto buy list. In fact this was one of my Christmas gifts :)

Mostly, she's an author that almost never disappoints me! I'm thinking about titles such as: Breathless, Not so Innocent, Guilty Pleasures, And Then He Kissed Her, Secret Desires of a Gentleman, and Scandal of the Year.

Apparently there's a pattern regarding which books by the author, I will end loving:

Give me a responsible, stoic male character, to a rake any time! The author writes the most perfect gentlemen... on the other hand, one can say that she writes the perfect rakes. This means that most of the time I want to hit them! And then when it comes to the final pages, I keep hoping for the heroine to dump them!

This book, this story... well as you can see by the rating, didn't turn out to be one of my favourites.

The characters were pretty forgettable, although the concept of the story "per se" is interesting.
A matchmaking entrepreneur society Lady is faced with finding a perfect bride for a perfect... rake.
Of course, those two will fall in love, and this being a historical romance we all know how this will work.

But, this being written by this author (the book Breathless for instance, one of the author's first books is pretty much perfect when it comes to character building) I was expecting more.
In fact I was a little disappointed by the cliché descriptions of lust at first sight, and things of the sort.

However, after reading the description of the second one of the series, I can honestly say, that I have BIG expectations regarding  the story of an estranged married couple.

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