Thursday, 26 December 2013

Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor #2) by Lisa Kleypas

Confession time:
I adore most of this author's historical romances!!
You see, I still haven't read them all! lol
But two, of the author's series are amongst my all time favourite books:
_The Hathaways  and the Wallflowers series, have stories, characters with whom I'm just smitten with!

 I just love the way the author brings her characters to life! *cough* ~Amelia and Cam, Sebastian and Evie~
The same thing happened with the first two books of her contemporary Travis series.

All of this to say that this wasn't my first time reading a contemporary romance by the author.

It was, however, my first time reading a contemporary with traces of magical realism in the plot...

This 3.5 star rating mostly reflects that aspect.
I love magical realism, but I need it to flow seamlessly into the descriptions of everyday life.
For this to work, for me, there has to be some sort of explanation on why that happens. Some sort of background.

Another thing that I felt could have been a little more developed, was the way the story began.
The initial plot... I don't want to give away spoilers... could have been a little more developed.

Also the writing could have been more worked, more elaborated, because that's what gives magical realism its solid foundations.
Mainly, I felt that the descriptions were just too prosaic to permit a "believable" magical realism setting...
I don't know if I'm making myself clear...

So, yes, I admit, the beginning could have been better... BUT the story improves, because of the soul that Sam Nolan brought to the story.
I don't know why it is the way it is, but as far as I can remember, I think Lisa Kleypas may be the only female author whose male characters are, most of the times, more developed than the ones of the female gender.

I had read some reviewers complaining that they hadn't felt the romance between the characters...
I can honestly say that was not he case for me!!
I thought the romance was very aptly dealt, considering their natures!!
Look, if you want alpha (bully) males, you won't find them in here. Thank God!
"Cheesier" things also won't be found here... maybe on the dairy department...

Lucy has issues to deal with, and so does Sam. And with the few exceptions I mentioned earlier, I really liked their story.
Recommended to everyone who likes a good romance, with strong believable characters, and someone who doesn't mind if, all of a sudden, glass turns into butterflies...

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