Friday, 6 December 2013

Rebel (Faery Rebels #2) by R. J. Anderson


After re-reading Knife, the first book in this series, I knew I had to get started on Rebel as soon as possible, mainly because I couldn't wait to figure out what was going to happen next in the story!
Addictive: check.

In this book that takes place a few good years after Knife, our main character is Linden, the sweet good natured fairy who had Knife for foster mother. Remember her?

Linden couldn't be more different from Knife, but she is engaging in her own sweet, and at times naïve, way. She feels real...despite the wings and touch of magic.

Like I said regarding the previous volume, these stories are much more than YA oriented.
They're ageless, focusing on the characters' growth: leaving the "nest" in search of their own place in life.
Okay, this one has a fantasy setting, but behind the glamours and wings, humans and fairies share many of growing up problems.
I especially liked how one of the characters was delineated. I think I never found a character such as Timothy: someone plagued by doubts regarding his faith.

Now, don't be scared!
This is far from preachy! No one is telling us what's good or bad... or what one should think!!

What happens next is almost as engrossing as what happened in the first book ! (Yes, Paul and Knife's book continues to be my favorite!)
The plot thickens. New important characters are introduced, and once again I'm left salivating for the next book.
Luckily, I already have it! :)
So, if you're looking for a well written, captivating story, what are you waiting for?

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