Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

When I read this story, a couple of months ago, I was really looking forward to it because the story seemed really interesting...


First of all, having Calaena being presented as a master assassin was just pushing it, in light of the way she was portrayed throughout the book. She has no depth.

For me the only positive point of this book was the beginning, which was compelling enough, I'll grant you that. But after that first page, the train wreck happened.

After Calaena enters the palace, she is portrayed as this vain (on, and on about her clothes...), bossy (other people may use the word confident. But she has just left the salt mines, does she really wants to risk getting send back?), silly, who likes to be the queen of the show, DIVA!! 

Somehow, these traits _for me_ shouldn't "walk hand in hand", with the characterization of a master assassin! 
I like girly things just as the next woman, but there's a time and a place for everything...

Then she's impulsive and reckless. Somehow I don't see her surviving in the "killing business" long enough to gain a reputation... a positive one, that is.

The almost insta love connections were just weak and laughable. 
Dorian and Calaena? Really? Why?

Was it because they're both pretty? 
And bored??

On the other side of the love triangle there's Chaol. Whom I liked.

 Would have liked him better if he hadn't fallen for Calaena so suddenly!
 Would have liked him even more, if he didn't appear in the book only to babysit Calaena!

Didn't the guy have anything else to do as Cpt of the Guard??

Then throughout most of the book we see Calaena being her snarky self, while she takes some time off to read. She loves to read !  Is this supposed to make me like her more? Because it didn't work...
In fact she will read up until dawn, of the days were she will have competitions! 
So professional...
Truly, the mark of an experienced assassin. So she has the most wonderful times, mostly getting everything she wants. Because she's that fabulous and she, like, totally deserves it!!

The thing is, she's an assassin, I don't care if she likes to read.
She's an assassin, assassinate something!!

She also plays the piano perfectly... speaks many languages... likes puppies... Candy... what else??

Oh, yes, beautiful dresses.. and she likes to flirt...

Then there's some secret, regarding her birth, which I probably will never find out about.

 Being this a book about a tournament to choose the king's champion, I wasn't expecting the magical side of the story. Which I also didn't like. 

Sorry but, as you can read, this really didn't work out for me. 
Maybe if I were fifteen...

I was expecting something completely different.
For instance, someone mature. And an actual plot with some kind of world-building. I was not expecting some sort of Barbie "the master assassin", in fantasy land...

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