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Weavers (The Frost Chronicles, #3) by Kate Avery Ellison

Okay, as much it pains me to say this, this book was quite a disappointment.
I loved the previous two books, but this third one _I'm sorry_ but it feels as if it suffers from "second book syndrome!"

During the beginning and middle of the story, practically nothing of relevance happens.
There's a lot of repetitions regarding the set and the plot: Lia moving back and forward between the village and the Farm.

I continue to love the author's writing, but since the plot _up until the last phase _ in this one, was practically missing, it didn't shine as usual.

On the positives, I like how the author has managed to give a strong role to John, a character who due to his disability would probably just get a secondary role if this had been written by someone else.

The plot... well having finished this book, I can't say I'm crazy about it. But its not my role to discuss where the author's imagination has taken her. It's different, that's for sure. And that's a good thing.
If I wanted to read the same old things, I would stick to a single book. And re-read it constantly!

However, I admit to not being crazy about sci-fi variations in what _at the beginning _ appeared to be a dystopian story.

The way this sci-fi scenario was included in the plot (something that had already happened on the second book, but that on this book takes a very firm stand...) is still growing on me. Hopefully, the fourth book will cement my understanding _ and hopefully, appreciation _ of Kate Avery Ellison "Frost" world.

This one, for me, felt as a filler. A new character is introduced, apparently only to cause havoc.
Lia and Adam continue "dancing" around their feelings.
The Weavers have a new guest in the Farm, and tempers are rising...

And then we reach the final part of the book, and things finally start becoming a little more interesting:
Suddenly there's time travels (not my favorite kind of transportation), and yes, someone who "apparently" had been lost forever has now been found...~brother~
Because one can't have a dystopia/post-apocalyptic scenario without a love triangle! 
This must be some kind of rule that obviously escaped my notice...

Bottom Line:
In this third volume of the Frost Chronicles the story didn't convince me. 
In the previous books, we had people running away from the Frost and embarking on a mysterious journey that involved traveling through a portal, just so they COULD RUN AWAY FROM THE FROST, AND FROM THOSE WHO WANTED TO KILL THEM.
But now, Lia herself, is traveling through the portal to bring back a number of those people... who will still be persecuted... and most likely starve to death in the Frost. Just because some shady character who supposedly is some big shot operative said so...
Where's the logic?? o_O

Oh, and I still couldn't care less about Gabe...

But, I'm still interested in the series and I definitely want to know what is going to happen next.

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