Saturday, 11 January 2014

Aeralis by Kate Avery Ellison


This review is written from a "reader"'s point of view. This is to say, that after I became aware of a certain spoiler _ and after another uninteresting and convenient plot _ I just skimmed this book.
I just couldn't deal with another pointless plot, on the hopes that this would get better...

I've read and reviewed all books in this series.

I've complemented the author writing style on innumerous occasions.
But I've also mentioned that with the third book, this series took a very strange _ and not all that interesting _ path.
Despite that, I kept reading it, in the hopes that it got better... or maybe that it would follow the path I had imagined in my head.

It never did.
And after all these books _ well, some are so short, that I guess some could see this as two or three books tops! _ I have to say that this turned out to be a waste of my time.

Worst than that, is that I feel like I have been deceiving this blog's readers.  Because despite the obvious problems with these stories, I have always given them the benefit of the doubt, due to the writing, and to certain characters' charisma.

One should never keep reading a series just because an author decides to give us "crumbs" of something one likes, in the hopes that it gets better!
There are too many books and series out there that don't use this kind of strategy.

From now on I'm instituting a rule for my reading habits.
From this day on I will never again follow a series like this one: a series with a sketchy world building, that only resolved a love triangle in the last page, and then... ends up doing ...something that will not be written here, because even today, a couple of hours after finishing it... I'm still mad about it!!

If you have a plot able to be developed into a great story, great, write that book!! But do not use a love triangle just to fill pages, and to make readers keep reading!!

I'm a believer that sometimes certain characters take a life of their own: Secondary characters can even become greater that the main characters...
Korr was one of those.
I'm so, so, so, MAD!!!

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