Thursday, 2 January 2014

Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor #4) by Lisa Kleypas

This was my last read of 2013 and, as you can see, it did not work all that well...
Like I said before, I love Lisa Kleypas' books.
Well, most of them of course.
With the exception of this one.
This one I almost hated it.

I honestly don't know what happened here. This is the fourth book of the Friday Harbor series, and like I mentioned before, although magical realism is not a writing style in which I feel the author is comfortable with, there were some good moments in the previous books. This lead me to think that this one would be better that its ancestors. Following the notion that practice makes perfection, you know?
Unfortunately that didn't happen here. Here, instead of magical realism the author choose to go with extra sappy paranormal romance.

Justine, our main character, who in the previous books came out as intelligent, feminist and a non bullshit kind of woman, discovers  that she's under a geas. So what does she do?
Well, Justine, our natural born witch, decides to break it. Even though she should know better...
But okay, done. Broken,

What follows next is a sad and pathetic journey through insta love, and insta stupidity. And the characters don't even have the excuse of being in their teens...

You see, Justine breaks the geas, and imagine this! She doesn't only loose it, she looses her mind as well!
All of a sudden _to my surprise _ the witty woman that had given me some laughs in the previous books, disappears, leaving behind someone who says things like this:

“I’m sorry. Really. Any woman would be thrilled by the idea of going out to dinner with you.

Why? Why?  o_O

Jason on the other hand is a condescending idiot!
Honestly, I couldn't even see a cockroach falling for the dude!
He's an obnoxious, condescending (it's worth mentioning more than once!), manipulative, liar, jackass!!

Have any of you read those harlequin novels that were written in the eighties? Where the macho dude knew what was best for the woman?

Especially when it came to sex. Because The initiative should always belong to the guys:

 “It’s too soon,” he said flatly. “Some people can hook up without feeling bad about it the morning after. You’re not one of them. No matter how good it was, you would regret it tomorrow.”
“I wouldn’t,” she protested.
“It’s written all over you. So we’re going to take it slow.” As she opened her mouth to argue, he said, “Not for my sake. For yours.”

Manipulative bastard...

Then there was the occasional Fifty Shades moment, with this weird bondage scene...
I found that so ridiculously that my mind kept thinking about a book title I discovered a few months ago:
Fifty Shades of Chicken.
Honestly, in my mind Justine was just trussed up like a chicken... or a turkey!
It was weird...

So, no, I didn't like this story. It felt like a strange and awkward mix of "Practical Magic" (the movie) ideas, alongside Nora Roberts' character Mia Devlin from "Face The Fire", with Fifty Shades of Grey!
No, no, no...
But since this is a Lisa Kleypas book, once in a while, the author would write the most beautiful sentence in the middle of all this insanity!
There, the only reason this gets a one and half stars!

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