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Fixed on You (Fixed trilogy #1) by Laurelin Paige

Lately I have been avoiding this genre, since my patience normally runs thin, and I just end up writing reviews full of rants towards the characters (You... f*****g idiot!), and myself (I'M such an IDIOT!)!
That will not be the case with this one....

Not because it doesn't deserve one or two red flags, but honestly, we know what we're getting into when we decide to read one of these books.

Basically there's a lot a sex, a lot of eye rolling quotes (this girl should definitely go to a doctor... I lost count to the number of times her nipples turned into hard pebbles), a lot of drama, all of it accompanying our tortured heroes.

That's right.

In this book we don't have one tortured character. We get two... for the price of one!
Honestly, this was the thing that made me want to pick this up... o_O

So, we have Alayna who has an obsessive nature, that she directs towards her love interests.
Basically she tends to love too much...

Hudson on the other hand tends to other types of mental disorders. Like stalking, he's a master manipulator  and he tends to not feel enough... I still need more information before naming him a sociopath though. His mother is THAT scary! Poor guy...

I thought to myself: Okay, since both of them know  what they're getting themselves into, this can't be too bad!
The problem is that this "info share" is mostly unilateral.

Hudson does know what he's getting himself into by entering a relationship with Alayna. He has to, because __ _______ _______ __________ ___________!! ( can't say! I would spoil it)

Alayna on the other hand, doesn't. She's only aware of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his... issues.
Minus points for this...

I liked that the author tried to give them depth. The characters have backgrounds that, yes, could  account for their mental issues.

For instance, in the beginning there's a comment that I really thought was spot on: When someone is somewhat obsessive about something, it would be natural to hate that someone would remind you of that, right? Triggers are to be avoided!

So how could someone who is trying to deal with her obsessive nature, agree with Houston arrangement?
She couldn't right?
Unfortunately there's something else involved. Alayna has money problems.

The proposition: He needs her to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to resolve ~a situation~. If she agrees, he'll take care of her college loans.

The thing is, relationships mixed up with money tend to feel "ugh" for me. There was a part in the story, in which he was buying her clothes, and I swear he could be Richard Gere and she Julia Roberts o_O

I'll admit that the author tried to take care of this issue by having the characters agree that their fake relationship would not get in the way of their real one.
But Alayna really has no problems with him buying her stuff. That alongside other comments that were made in the beginning, didn't work out for me.

Also, she has an obsessive nature and she's not on medication... really??
Just a few meetings, and some mental tricks are enough to help her?

Regarding Hudson he also underwent therapy, which supposedly helped him, in his issues.
Look, he is able to come out of this story, attentive and not so bad (if we disregard a MAJOR situation), comparing him with other guys who are absolute creeps.
He says things like this:

“I’m drawn to you, Alayna. Not because I want to hurt you or make you feel a certain way, but because you’re beautiful and sexy and smart and, yes, a little crazy, maybe, but you’re not broken. And that makes me hopeful. For me.”

But then he says things like this:

“I told you before. I don’t want to hurt you more than I need to win you.”

Forty per cent on the creepiness scale?

So here you have it, your average run- of- the- mill erotic romance, which tries to have a little more depth to it, by having two tortured characters. Of course they'll fall in love through a whole lot of drama. They'll suffer a lot (not a lot)... maybe one of them will look at the other in a different way...

which will inspire a whole lot of crying... because it's obvious that he's shutting her out!

Maybe Hudson's evil mother will throw one of her barbs, which will leave Alayna, kind of like this:

Or maybe her emotional detached brother will appear and tell her that she's on her own, and that he couldn't care less about her!

Get some medication. You deserve it.

Oh, and the word "precious" was used twenty five times...

lol However, I did manage to read it _ I may have scrolled a little faster on certain parts _, and I may even read the second one. Which is more that I can say for other books!

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