Friday, 10 January 2014

Fugitive ( #4.5 Frost Chronicles) by Kate Avery Ellison

Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel... o_O
I would really like to say that this short made me finally start appreciating this character...
I would like to, but I can't.
From a spoiled background as a prince, to a fugitive in the Frost, Gabe hasn't had an "easy life":
He got dumped by his fiancée..
Then he got arrested...
Then he got shot..
And then there was Lia... his saviour.
Honestly, I have absolutely no idea why there is a love triangle!
For me, the thing that I liked the most in this novella was that Korr appeared!
Who'd have guessed? The guy has more charisma in a sarcastic smile than Gabe has through all the books!

Now, on to finish Aeralis!

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